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A couple months ago, we got Baby J an excellent Haba Walker Wagon – and for weeks, I loved it way more than he did.  and then for a while, he loved getting rides in the wagon, and not pushing it.

But now I think he is finally old enough for it – and has been pushing it around like a wild man!

We sometimes have to keep a finger or two on the wagon, as it can get going pretty fast, but sometimes JJ is able to push it all on his own!  Actually, I usually do have to keep a hand on the wagon, mainly to help steer.  Baby J is a drunk steerer!

The wagon’s turning radius is not great, so sometimes when JJ is at the end of the hall, he just improvises to be able to push the other way:

I don’t know how crawling around on the marble / hardwood floors / concrete sidewalks don’t hurt his knees, but he seems to be no worse for the wear.

This morning, Baby J went up and down the length of our house no less than 5 times.  I think it is his new cardio regime!


So as you can see, the whole layout of my bloggy blog has changed!  And I love being able to put a photo at the header.  Of course I picked one from the Atacama Crossing – the coolest thing I have done, back in my heyday (a 7 day, 250 mile, staged race across the Atacama desert in Chile).  Too bad that was many moons ago.  Maybe someday I can do another Racing the Planet adventure…

Anyway, here are some snaps from that most excellent adventure!

2355874-dsc_8889Here we are, stepping off.  It was freezing cold (don’t ask me why I am wearing shorts), and we were at about 14,000 feet!  My pack was 24+ lbs – WAY too heavy!  My arms felt like they were getting ripped off.  I started chunking food at the next rest stop.  I was still delusional and thought I might be running most of the way… HA!

2355870-img_3927I didn’t shower for 7 days!  Carried all my food and clothes on my back, like a turtle.  They supplied water daily and had tents for us to retire to – nothing luxurious, that is for sure.  Just 8 of us crammed in a tent – most were men, and they sure were smelly!

2355873-ac06comps4ms109Don’t I look like a bad@ss?  There just isn’t a photo of the 70-year-old man or the blind man passing me, which they did.  Behind me is Team Save the Rhinos – they traded off wearing that huge rhino suit!  2355879-dsc00514The one day I made it to camp during daylight hours!  Quite a feat!  They have since changed it (thank goodness) but when I did the Atacama Crossing, it was during Chilean winter, so short days and NO moonlight the week we were racing.  Now I think it during spring or fall, so more hours of daylight.

So here is how the milage was spread out:

Day 1 – 25 miles

Day 2 – 25 miles

Day 3 – 25 miles

Day 4 – 25 miles

Day 5 – 43 miles

Day 6 – rest

Day 7 – 7 miles into the finish at San Pedro de Atacama

2355878-dsc00122Just running 7 miles into the finish was so easy-peasy!  Since I was not one of the leaders, I was allowed to start in an earlier wave, and it looked like I was the first woman to cross the finish line!  Well, I was the first woman to cross, but very far from being the ladies winner overall.  Each stage was timed. I was the 2nd place USA woman and 11th woman overall, but there weren’t many ladies doing this race.

2355875-dsc_1333Finish line – yay!  And I didn’t think Boom was going to be at the finish line, and he was!!!  Most excellent.

Sigh – what a great trip down memory lane.  Thanks for indulging me.

Freaking Awesome

img_2418Look what I came home to find last night?!  So hilarious!  Clearly I was part of a really weak, slow age group.  But I love it – we are going to find a very prominent and special spot in the living room!

3rd Place… and a bandit!

This weekend, my friend W came into town with his girlfriend, S.  W and I are friends from Seal Team in the RIC.  Saturday night, we took them to our favorite TexMex restaurant – El Tiempo.  It was crowded, but we were fine waiting at the bar with a beer!

img_2201When they left Richmond, it was around 3 degrees!  Ugh!  I didn’t know S really at all, so it was nice to get to know her a bit.  They are a cute couple!  She was taller than I remembered, and they were more lovey-dovey than I remembered, but I hadn’t really seen them together much before this.

img_2202Boom and I!  I like the shirt he is wearing (plaid on the bias!) – I bought it for him a few years ago, but he never really liked it, as it didn’t fit quite right (it was too tight) since he was all “puff up” (as Mumsie refers to Booms pudgier days).  But now since he is a thinny minnie, it fits and looks great!

We got home from dinner around 10pm, which was 11pm for W and S, and with the big 5K race the next day, we all called it a night.  It was a long week for me, so I was quite tired.



Here we are, in the garage around 545am.  All wearing our Seal Team shirts!  Notice my number is not as ridiculously large, as I have folded it into an “elite” athlete’s number.

I ran the 5K in 24:50 – not too bad for a gal who is not really in very good shape!  I was pleased with my time.  And the first mile was pretty slow, since there were so many people!  Evidently, my age group is a slow, weak group as I came in third in it!!!  The first place woman in my age group came in at 23:45 – so if only I had pushed it about 25 seconds faster each mile, I could have won the very competitive 30-34 female age group.

S came in at 25:50, and 5th in her age group.  W came in at 23:56, and 13th in his age group.  Boom, who had registered for the marathon but ran the 5k since he hadn’t trained much really, came in before W, but how much, no one can say.  Would be the word of a bandit we’d be taking, and we all know that is a slippery slope!

After the race, we got coffee and kolaches!  I had way too many of them a month or two ago, but I was ready to try again, for the team.  S and W really liked the kolaches – and so did I.  They are really cute and round and have a good proportion of filling to bun.  The half way point of the marathon is just a few steps from our house, so we were able to go and watch and cheer for some of the runners.

img_2208Here we are, proudly wearing our 5K medals!  It was cold this week, but Sunday was really nice.  Cool, but sunny and clear.  Maybe a bit too warm for the marathon runners, but just fine for us and half marathoners.

img_2213After taking S & W to our favorite breakfast / brunch spot – The Buffalo Grille – we headed over to the Montrose Berryhill to hang out and enjoy the nice weather outside.  We did this a couple years ago when Yarbs and Josephine and I all ran the full marathon.  Yarbs and Josephine and their gays met us there – it was fun!  I guess the jello shots probably helped…



This year, Yarbs ran the half marathon in 1:59:59, so she made it under her goal of 2 hours!  Josephine ran the full marathon and finished in 3:37:33.  He qualified for Boston last year (at Dallas) and will be running that in April!

And here are two of my favorite people in the whole, wide world…


eeting_bh1and I just found out today that Josephine will be out of town next weekend, so it will be a Craft Weekend for Yarb and me!  Fun times!

A good, fun weekend, but I am now beat!  (and, not to mention I am a FOOTBALL SAVANT, but more on that later…)

Buy these shoes IMMEDIATELY!

I was wearing my new shoes today – and when I was in line at Starbucks, a complete stranger was all, I love your shoes! and I told her that she could go get her own, at Target! and that they were cheep cheep. Then in a span of less than 1 minute and not sure how, I found out that she just turned 39-years-old, was married 13 weeks ago and is 11 weeks pregnant! Folks in Texas sure are more friendly and open than what I am used to!

On to my run… I had run 10 miles on Sat, then yogidy on Sun, but nothing Mon or Tues morn. And then I had an ice coffee this morning waiting for the repair man to come – and a skinny cinnamon dulce latte in the afternoon – I really figured that I would need to go for a run to be able to sleep tonight, with all that caffeine coursing through my veins.

Anyway, it was the first time I had worn my new running shoes:

It was like running on clouds! So lovely.

“The Chatty One” (Boot Camp – Day 10)

This morning was graduation day for Class 149 – without any pomp or circumstance.  Ins. W. worked us really hard for the first hour – sprints with push-ups / 8-count bodybuilders / crazy Bobs / chasing rabbits / etc between each sprint.  For an hour.  And I was tired.  Really was dragging today.

After the hour of working out, he was all, Stick a fork in Class 149 because you are done.  He then called each person up to him to shake his hand and give them their completion certificate.  As he is shaking each persons hand and handing them their certificate, he is not saying anything.  Then he calls my name.  I run up there, and he is all, Ha! The chatty one!  I was so not expecting anything to come out of his mouth that I just was like, Hun?  and giggled nervously.  And then once he was done handing out certificates, his eloquent closing remark was, See ya when I see ya.

Highly underwhemling and sort of a let down.  In RIC Seals, on graduation day, almost all of the instructors are there, you shake each ones hand and then shake Johnny M’s hand and you get your coveted Seal Team PT (wicking) shirt.  In front of all the other Seal team members.  There is clapping and hollering and it is a happy time.

This morning was nothing like that.  We did get let out early, so we all socialized around B – the resident expert and advocate on H-town Seal PT – this was her 8th (yes, eighth!) time to go through Boot Camp.  Very, very nice lady but odd to have done so many Boot Camps!  And during this time, I did get confirmation that it was odd that he made the comment, The chatty one!, to me – as I was only the 3rd or 4th most chatty one.  Definitely not THE most chatty.  He did mention that he talked to all the instructors – and sometimes I had asked the instructors a lot of questions, so maybe that is what he meant.  Or he just got confused.  Who knows, he is definitely a mystery.  B enlightened us that he is not very social (big surprise there) – so he could never implement Johnny M’s business model.  But if he did, he’d have 100 B’s out there letting people know how awesome his program is.

I think my time with H-town Seal PT is over.  I want it to be something it can never be (RIC Seals) and thus will always be disappointed.  So I think I just need to move onto the next thing.  The Kenyan Way, the group that we do long runs with on Saturdays, also has hill and speed workouts on Mondays and Wednesdays.  I think I may join that – after I take a few days off.

There are changes ahead for Boom, Ruru and I (more on that to come – nothing too exciting, but changes none the less) so I am really glad that Boot Camp is over.  Interesting to have completed it and to see how 2 people can start with the same basic idea and execute it in totally different ways, but still very glad that it is over!

Almost Finished (Boot Camp – Day 9)

Today wasn’t bad – I thought it surely was going to be since I didn’t have my mat or backpack, but J lent me an extra towel to use as a mat and I just faked like I had a backpack.  We really didn’t do much with the packs on, so that is likely why the instructors didn’t notice that I was sans pack (and sans Boom).  I also got to drive a 4-Runner to workout – and I love those things!  One of my good friends in high school got one (brand new!) when she turned 16 – and we had so much fun with that truck.  Boom is not a big fan, but I think that sometimes when I like something he choses to not like it just to be ornery.

We ran to Westcott and back – not as painfully slow as we had been.  Then there were 10 little orange cones set up and each cone had some exercises on them – 25 crunches, 10 dive bomber pushups, 20 8-count body builders, etc.  But then there were some cones that had really high numbers on them – 300 jumping jacks (4-count), 200 Crazy Bobs, 300 push ups, etc.  So that caused a little confusion – that was never cleared up… the concencus was to just keep moving.  So we’d do the small numbers in full then when we got to the really big numbers, we would just do a portion, and then move on.  Would have just been easier if all the numbers were realistic ones, since we kept going around the cones in a loop.

Poor Boom – he flew to Dallas yesterday morning for meetings all day.  He told me that he was on the 9pm flight home, but that one of his collegues wanted him to stay for dinner, but that he was going to skip it.  Of course he ended up staying for dinner, so he wasn’t finished until 1020pm last night.  Because of Seals and a drs appt this morning, Boom decides to drive home – and he didn’t get into bed until close to 3am!  Well, of course I am not going to wake him up an hour later to go to Boot Camp – definitely not worth that (tho he claimed to be mad at me when I got home since he wanted to go to Boot Camp.  Even though he doesn’t really like it.  I don’t understand either.)  Anyway, his rental car was blocking my car in the garage, so I just took the rental.  And Boom’s car, that he drove to the airport yesterday morning and where it still was early this morning, has all of our mats and backpacks in it.  Thus, I was underprepared today, but to no ones detriment, thank goodness!

I am not sure if we are going to do the lifers program.  It is kinda costly – $95/month for 12 months, $125/month for 6 months and $155/month for 3 months – they have discounts if we sign up on graduation day (tomorrow) and also if you pay for the full year in advance.  Boom and I will need to discuss, but just seems a bit much.  If we did the $155/month for 3 mos (which is the most likely one we’d do, if any), that is nearly $8 day, if you went every day.  We’ll discuss tonight.

I can feel my IT band in my left knee – it is kinda aching and probably needs a good stretching.  So I will be going to yogidy tomorrow morning after our LAST DAY (yay!  woot woot!) of Boot Camp.  Glad this class is nearly over!

Class 149

Each graduating boot camp class has to create a memento for Ins. W.  and I think that some of the other people in the class are working on it.  However, Ins. H mentioned another class thingy – a man overboard ring – last week that he wants to see tomorrow.

Being currently unemployed and having lots of free time (and crafty), I volunteered to make the project that Ins. H wants tomorrow.  Here are the fruits of my labor:

I Photoshopped a clown wig on everyone and then cut their pics out.  Then I stamped (with Yarb’s foam stams) using acrylic paint all the words.  Then I stuck the photos on the ring.  That’s it!

I think it looks pretty good!

Only 2 more days to go! (Boot Camp Day 8)

This morning I was really tired.  Really, really tired.  It would have be a skip day for me, but I figured this was the 3rd to last day of Boot Camp, so I might as well suck it up and go.  Today was Ins. H and Asian Instructor.  Luckily, we started out slowly – a nice 10 minute warm-up.  Then we did a ton of stuff on our mats – sit ups, push ups, squats, arm circles, swimmers / supermans, flutter kicks, etc.  Was hard, but kinda nice that we weren’t running.  I was actually very surprised at how much I was sweating!

At 6:22 a.m. I assumed they would be letting us out a little early as they had been in the past, but Asian Instructor was all, RUN TO 610 (that is a highway) AND BACK!  MOVE!!!!!  We were all surprised, since we move like pond water when we have to run as a group.  Surprisingly we made better time than usual – I think everyone was ready for today’s boot camp to be over.

So all and all, not a horrible day.  But I do think one of the many mysterious insect bites (that has grown to a goiter) that I have is infected.  It is super itchy, but also weeping some weird looking stuff.  Gross.  At least  hump day of the 2nd week is over.  Only 2 effing days to go!  YAY!!!!

So Long Debbie Downer (Boot Camp Day 7)

I have decided not to get down on Boot Camp anymore.  It certainly is not like RIC Seals, but R-Seals is no longer an option for me so I just need to move on!

Today wasn’t too bad.  We carried our packs, and did a 4 mile out-and-back run.  The 2 miles out were SO SLOW – it was literally hurting my knees to run that slowly!  So when we reached our turnaround point, I asked if we could speed it up just a smidge.  Literally I could walk at not even a really brisk pace and keep up with how fast we were shuffling along.

I didn’t have to worry, ’cause a few minutes into our run back, the lifers came, took our packs (I felt so light
and airy without it on) and corralled us into an indian run.  Which I enjoyed, as the pace definitely picked up.  Once we got back to the workout area, we had get wet and sandy, and then run in the sand around the volleyball courts (2 of ’em) with our packs above our heads.  That was difficult – and I couldn’t keep my pack up the entire time.  I would try to keep it up for one side, then put it on my head for the next side, then up on the next side, etc.  We did this for quite a while.  When I was finally able to sneak a peak at my watch, it was 6:18 – only 12 minutes left!

We stopped running and got back to our mats – where Ins. W put us in pushup position (leaning rest) and told us a gruesome story of a mother who had been stabbed to death.  I guess the lesson he wanted us to take away was to always be aware of our surroundings, and to be careful.  Then he let us go – at least the talking didn’t last too too long.

Tomorrow should be more interesting – we (Boot Campers) had brought a boom box and CD with “Bandy the Rodeo Clown” by Moe Bandy, “Fly like an Eagle”  by Steve Miller Band and “Funeral Bell” by Black Label Society on it, at Ins. W’s request.  He didn’t do anything with the music today, so I suspect tomorrow it will come into play.