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Not Skeert

As you know, Little Bubs did great with Santa this year (check him out here and here).  So I wasn’t surprised when we attended an Elmo party at the end of December that he didn’t mind taking a picture with the red monster:

(Yes, that is a very unfortunate photo of me – the gray sweater looks like a tent on me – and thus I look huge!)  Lots of the moms were apprehensive that their little ones would run screaming and crying from Elmo, but not me.  I was pretty sure JJ would be alright, and he was!  Like one of the moms said, J is 2 for 2 (taking pictures with somewhat frightening characters – Santa and Elmo), now we just have to see how he does with the Easter Bunny!

It was a fun party – mainly because I got to spend time with lot of my mommy friends:

Love this last picture with Bubs pointing at the camera – he is all, I have my eye on you!

And the icing on the proverbial cake were the party favors – sugar cookies of Elmo’s head, as big as your (if you are a baby) head!  Really!

And it was delicious – I love sugar cookies with icing on them!  Yum!  The birthday party circuit has calmed down, now that all of playgroup is in the single digits!  I think it will start back up again, as some of the small folks will be turning 2 in the next few months!

Where did October go?!

This month has just been crazy!  It has just flown by – so much going on, it all is like a blur to me now…

FWCD reunion:


At home before thefootball game, after borrowing clothes from Yarbs b/c it was COLD!!!  I LOVED going to the game and seeing all the huge mums (they are fake now) with all the stuff streaming off of them.


Great seeing Breedlove (my old track coach) and some of my fellow grads.  I realize I didn’t take many photos, just wasn’t feeling it.

Then Mom’s and Dad’s friends threw Boom and I a couples baby shower – it is so great – they have all been friends for 20+ years!  I think they just love any excuse to get together.


So glad that My Pal Al and Tiff were able to attend.  Al literally had just gotten in from KC!  Tiff just had a baby boy a few months ago – adorable!  and she seemed happier than I can remember!  so that is so awesome.


Can you tell we are so excited for Cash Money?!  I know we are in the final stretch – and I just can’t wait to meet him!  Will make all the blahs of pregnancy well worth it.


With my best gal, Yarbs.  You can’t tell, since she looks so cute, but she is not feeling well.  Probably had a case of the H1N1.  She has a ton more pics from the shower, so I just need to get them from her once she is back in the state.

Work has been crazy busy as well.  The season opened on Oct. 23, so lots of events and prep leading up.  Opening night was a huge success!


Really glad I got to see, albeit briefly, El and K.  They looked so great!  Love K’s new haircut – and got to see their sig others – it has been a long time!

And everyone is being really sweet with baby gifts for CM.  I’ve been busy making lots of stuff for him and his room… more on that to come!

Flocking to the Zoo


This past Thursday, RAH and I flocked on over to the Houston Zoo – I had not yet been to the zoo and was curious about their new young professional group. I was worried it was going to be hot – and it was a bit warm, but there was a breeze and it cooled down quite a bit by the end. It was a really good time! We met up with K, a new friend of mine that I think is hilarious. She had a posse with her, so we just hang out with them all.


Here’s K – wearing a strapless romper! Very cute and stylish, but using the restroom would be annoying to me.


RAH had a really good time – and she was right – it was a nice mix of folks and ages. Not the usual suspects like when I go to any performing arts young professional event. We were with the elephants!


Here’s the baby – I think he is just 3 or 4 years old. But still weighs tons! I did feel bad, as the zoo was small and the elephant area was very small, with 4 elephants in it. I was glad to hear that they do brain stimulating exercises with the elephants, so that is a good thing.

After my trip to Africa many moons ago, I am torn about zoos. They are a good way to continue the species and have people experience animals that they likely would never be lucky to see in their natural habitat, but the spaces are so small. On the way to the elephants, we passed the leopards – their cage was quite small as well! I really felt bad for them, as they are used to being able to run and stretch their legs. [sigh] I guess zoos are necessary. But still made me sad for the animals…

So cultural!


Last week, Boom and I went to the Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant for the first WAC event we were able to attend – learning about Indego Africa – a non-profit that helps Rwandan women earn money from their handicrafts while training them so that they can someday be more self-sufficient.

It was really interesting – learning about the non-profit as well as checking out the Blue Nile.  I really want to go back and try the restaurant not during an event.  It was quite well attended, which is good.

We also went to Grooves Restaurant and Bar – for an opera event.  It is in the Third Ward, so I don’t think we would have ever just happened upon it.  I like being brought to places that I likely would never go to – ’tis a good thing.  And the HGOco opera / blues project was really quite interesting.

Go Owls!


Saturday night, we went to SA’s for her graduation party – she finished getting her Ph.D. in history – what an accomplishment!  Boom and I had a great time – it was really so sweet of her to invite us, as she and I are new friends.  I really enjoyed meeting and visiting with her other friends and family there.


One of her co-workers is engaged to one of the co-founders of Workshop Houston – a small non-profit that has been around for 6 years and seems very similar to ART 180!  I was so intrigued and interested – I think I asked him about one million questions.  Obviously he loved talking about Workshop Houston since it is his baby!  So it worked out well.  Randomly, one of their largest funders is the foundation that RH works for, and they’ve gotten a grant from the JLH, so there were many “small world” connections.  I want to go out and see some of their programs in progress!



How cute is she?!  and any party with a pinata has to be fun times!  She had friends of all ages, and from all over – I loved that she brought all of us together!  She had gotten food from Ninfa’s – and that is when I came to the realization that Boom and I don’t eat Tex-Mex nearly enough!  It is so delicious!  I guess it is not the healthiest, so probably a good thing we are not having it every night.  and I guess it makes it taste that much better when we do get to eat it!

IMG_2660Got to spend some time with Carey (she is doing her best L imitation here!) and I really like her.  She is nice and interesting, which is all you can ask for in people!  Hopefully we’ll get to grab lunch together soon (as we work mere blocks away!).

It was a really fun night –  I was really glad to meet new folks, and catch up with ones that I knew already – in an intimate setting.  Congrats, again, to SA!

Last Opening Night…

Friday was the last opening night for us in the 2008-09 season. I love opening nights as there is a lot of excitement and anticipation! Boom got to have dinner with me and some of my young donors, which was so fun!img_2612

And Yarbs brought a bunch of her friends, which was awesome! Loved seeing her and her peeps during intermission. Greg’s white jacket was so fabulous!


Aren’t we adorable?! I like wearing bright vivid colors! They look so good in photos! and I think they look good with my dark hair.

EK and Tanimal also came to the performance, with some friends. Very sweet of them to do so!


After the performance, our night was not over yet – not even close!

Our new friends, PC and BC, wanted to go out – so we checked out Anvil, a new bar.  It was pretty cool – had some dragon shirts, but I guess most bars in H-town do.



We had a great time – but were out LATE!  Can’t remember the last time we were out until 1am!  Clearly we are getting old, and a little lame.  But it made for a really, really long day / night.  I was still kinda recovering on Saturday afternoon!


Wow – April just sped by!

Here’s what happened the last couple weeks…

Zac Posen Luncheon at Zaza – fun times!  I sat next to the Social Editor from Papercity – and she was just fabulous!  and Zac was adorable – wish we had gotten to chance to take photos with him, but oh well.


‘stros vs. Dodgers baseball game (the 3rd in a week that Boom had gone to!).  Went with work peeps – and got to see Bush, Sr. in his regular seats behind home plate, in his pink pants and red jacket.



Then Mutts, Meows and Margaritas benefiting Friends of BARC – a great organization helping the pups and kitties in the Houston city pound.


img_2600Fun times!  Seems like between work and social obligations, we’ve been busy busy bees.  I think the spring time is just a very busy time for everyone.  I am ready for things to calm down a bit, though.  Soon enough, I am sure.