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Happy Belated Mother’s Day…

To my mom, whom I don’t give enough credit to.  She, along with my dad, raised me and Yarbs to be who we are today – and we totally kick a$$  🙂

Mom, you are amazing.  Yarbs and I are truly lucky to have you as a mom, and JJ and Sailor are especially lucky to have you as a grandmother!  You are so awesome to the boys.  Everyone should have someone in their lives that love them as much as you love JJ and Sailor.

And to my boys – you both are making me a better person and mom each day!  I love being your mom – more than I ever imagined possible!

And to my many mom friends – you all inspire and teach me so much!  Glad to have such an awesome support group and not have to face the challenge of raising children alone!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Hoppy Easter!

Sunday was the first time we had JJ hold little Sailor, and he was most pleased!  You can see what a proud big brother he is.  And a good one – he is so sweet to his baby bro.  Little Sailor already looks up to him as well!  and with good reason – JJ is a really great boy!

JJ went on his third and final Easter egg hunt – and he finally got the hang of picking eggs up and putting them in his basket!  Before this, he would usually pick up 2 eggs and knock them together, like we do with the egg-shaped shakers at music class.

We got JJ this adorable dump truck for Easter that he loves!  His buddy Mustang has the same one, just different colors, and JJ has always loved borrowing his.  So now he has his own.  I love it because it is so big – and cute!  and in UVa colors – perfect!  I think we want to get a UVa sticker to put on the hood.

I had grand plans of making Sailor and JJ (and some special friends) some stuffed bunnies for Easter.  I have sewed them all and turned them right side out, but stuffing and sewing up has proven more time consuming than I had originally anticipated.

(here they are before I sewed them and turned them right side out)

We’ve had a lot going on, not to mention we have a newborn!  So I don’t feel bad – these will eventually be finished and given out as Year of the Golden Rabbit gifts!

As a side note, PoPo is in town now (yay!) for the last time until July (sniff sniff)!

(here she is admiring Sailors double chin!  He is a fatty!)

She has been so helpful – and I have been able to get out in the wee hours of the morning to go on power walks.  I had forgotten how much I love having a little bit of time to myself for exercising early in the morning – it really makes my day!  I hope when she leaves I can still figure out a way to keep on walking and then eventually running!  I will be a really happy girl on that day!

All Crafted Out

Last week, Boom was out of town Thursday thru Sunday morning.  So, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, after I put the boy down (around 545pm  -615pm), I would grab a bit to eat myself, tidy up a little and then craft!  I was working on getting Baby J and Brady Gaga’s Easter baskets completed.  Brady Gaga is due March 17, and Easter is in the beginning of April, I know I won’t have time to do anything once BG arrives.

So, Thursday night I probably crafted 3 hours, until around 11pm.  Friday night – another 3 hours, but I got started earlier, so until around 10pm.  By Saturday, after two nights of blood, sweat and tears (literally – well, not the tears, but definitely the blood and sweat!) I only had to get the tails on the bunny baskets, and good thing…  I was feeling (GASP!) totally and utterly over crafting!  But I do LOVE how they turned out:

I can’t take credit for the idea – I found the link in the Easter archives of One Pretty Thing.  So the main inspiration for these bunny baskets came from Lavender and Limes, but I didn’t even follow her tut.  I just made the buckets that I know how to make (modified slightly), added ears, a handle, a tail and embroidered a face and name / date on the back.

This project definitely is not for the faint of heart.  A lot more hand sewing than I am used to, as I used fabric covered buttons for the eyes (since I couldn’t seem to find any regular buttons, but those would have required hand sewing as well) and part of the tail.  And then all the embroidery for the faces and Baby J’s names, and 2 dates (I didn’t embroider ‘Brady Gaga’ onto the striped basket, though I was tempted to for a bit).

And the tail – I wanted to have a nice, fluffy pompom for the tail, but I made a couple and realized that yarn can be pulled out of the pompom (at least the ones I made) and that would not be good for babies.  So I had to come up with something more secure: two loops of twill tape crossing each other with a larger twill tape covered button in the middle.  I think the tails came out pretty cute, considering they are much safer than the pompoms that I made.

The only thing I would really change are the ears – I gave them the same amount of padding and interfacing as the rest of the basket, and they didn’t need it.  Overall, I really love them.  I hope Baby J and Brady Gaga do as well.

Here’s Mister McCute himself:

He’s all, I love my snack and your crafting, Mama!

Home, Sweet Home

After traveling for 9 hours straight, we got back home yesterday.  And I do have to say (quoting a famous, ruby slipper clad girl), There is no place like home!  Maybe it is because traveling with a baby (er, toddler?!) is exponentially harder than just traveling as 2 adults.  Or maybe because said baby/toddler was sick nearly the entire time we were away, so that is always a lot of fun.  Whatever the reason, we all wanted to kiss the floor of our house when we came in.  I think Baby J may have even done so, but I resisted the urge.

Not to say we didn’t have a good time up north – we did – and the snow interesting…

Here is Christmas Eve with the cousins:

Baby J actually was feeling more like himself that afternoon, so everyone got a glimpse of his happy self.

And Christmas morning:

Little E was really cute with him.  I love his Christmas PJs (thanks Auntie Yarbs!) but I think they are now too small for him!  Gotta save them for Brady Gaga next year.  Baby J wasn’t really into the gifts – he preferred to play with the gift boxes.

One afternoon I decided to take him out – it hadn’t snowed in a few days… here is Baby J all bundled up:

And not too happy.  But adorable nonetheless.  The awesome knit hat was made for him by his Auntie (or second cousin) Yaya.  It was hard to get his thumbs into the thumb section.

Then the Blizzard of 2010 came rolling through – we probably got 8 inches up where we were:

JJ couldn’t walk in all the snow (he couldn’t really walk on the packed snow before the new snow fell – just a different surface than he is used to).  Boom took him out and played for a few minutes – it was so freezing cold!  The crazy Mainers we were with were all, This isn’t cold, it’s balmy!  I was all, No thank you – burr, I am freezing!

But I was able to get out for a few minutes to take some shots with my little frozen guy.  He really didn’t know what to make of it all!

It was odd not really being able to go outside.  And now it is raining in H-town, so we’ll be stuck inside today as well.  Oh well.  A good Christmas trip – glad Boom got to see him family and that they got to see JJ as well.  Just wished he had been feeling better, but so it goes.