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Oh Baby!

Since I won’t be blogging for a bit, I thought I’d leave you with some lovely pics of CM’s nursery. It is not completely finished – still waiting on a sette and mirror over the dresser, so I’ll be adding pic of those when they arrive.

When you open the door, this is what you see:

Love the Bless design poster and Oeuf crib – these were the starting point for designing the nursery. The Eames rocker and vintage playground rhino turned into a rocker totally rock, as does the mobile that I made over the rocker. I guess it is a good thing that I love everything in this nursery!

Crib linens are Pom Pom from Olivine, a local store in the cute shopping area near our house. I really like that store – it smells really good, like sea grass and other fresh things. I was surprised that Boom liked the linens, as I thought he might think that they are a bit too girly, as they do have a ruffle on them. But he really liked them, or perhaps he was tired of looking for the perfect crib linens, either way we went with it. He did think I was a bit crazy when I was ironing the crib skirt and bumper cover…

Of course I love this rockin’ rhino!  Really, it is just too cute for words!  And I love that it is something old, but repurposed, and has lots of character.

And the rocker from Boom’s Mom and sisters.   So stylish, but very comfortable as well!

The mobile that I made has to be one of my most favorite parts of the entire nursery!  I put a little beaded African angel from Coco right in the middle, which is just perfect.

This is the opposite wall from the crib (where the door is) – Boom came up with the idea of the Ivy League pennants – paying homage to his alma mater, Cornell.  We hung a vintage type drawer under the pennants, and Boom’s old pine wood derby car on one side and a frame I painted for CM on the other (no photo in the frame yet).  Shelving with storage for lots of books (still need to acquire) and toys.

Here is the dresser wall.  We got the yellow knobs from Anthropologie!  Still waiting on the mirror to be delivered.

And the other wall is the sette wall, we don’t have the frames up yet, as we need to wait on the sette for placement.   So I’ll show that once we get everything in place.

So at least one room in our house is nearly done!  Too bad it probably won’t be inhabited for a few months, and the dweller won’t really appreciate all the hard work that went into it.  I guess the nursery is really for the mom.  And I love it, so all the hard work was well worth it.

Springing to Action – Desk

A few weeks ago we finally got to dealing with the desk we had bought a few months back for behind the couch.

We raised it (by adding casters) – here’s Boom hard at work…

and waxed it (’cause it needed some love):

We used Pate Dugay wax that you apply with really fine steel wool (like the kind that people use, evidently, to polish guns – who knew?).

And when I say “we”, clearly Boom is doing all the heavy lifting and physical work – I am doing the mental work and supervising 😉

I love how it turned out!  That wax really let the beauty of the old desk shine though.

Now I just need to get a couple chairs that I want to have behind the desk… Maybe I’ll have time in a few months (???) to do some serious chair shopping… all in good time.

Rockin’ Rhino


This past weekend Yarbs and a few friends threw me a shower. It was great – everything was so cute! and it was an intimate crowd – as it seemed to be an out of town weekend for lots of folks – I really enjoyed myself and everyone seemed to have a good time.


So this past spring, when we had just found out we were preggers, we went to the Urban Market and picked up an old playground rhino, that didn’t have a base – Boom was highly suspect, as the paint was peeling and the whole thing seemed a mess, to him. He was all, what are we going to do with this thing? He liked the idea of it, but he is still coming around to liking old things…

Anyway, I figured S, our friend and designer, would be able to have someone do something with it.  So finally, a few months ago, she took little rhino off with her.  And since he left, I had been emailing her and asking about rhino… all requests that she kept ignoring… finally I realized she might be doing something with him for my shower – and I was right!  Rockin’ Rhino is the BEST GIFT EVER!  especially since it was a joint effort – and he came out so adorable!


I love love love him!  I guess we need to come up with a name for Rockin’ Rhino…  Boom will be able to come up with something good.

And Ruby seems to like him alright:


I am sure CM will love Rockin’ Rhino – how could you not?!


We finally got our rug that we ordered 9 weeks ago (we had ordered the crib then as well, but when it came it, it was damaged!!!  GRRR) from a store that will remain un-named.  The rug is super cute!  I love it – it is a Dash and Albert – matches the old couch perfectly.  Well, with all the colors, it would match a lot of stuff.


Really makes the landing seem much more finished – just need to get a TV and we’ll really be in business!  Eventually I would like to get an oval coffee table (and we’ll use that sturdy rectangular coffee table as a bench in one of the bedrooms – I’ll make a cushion for it at that point) and some more seating, but it is a marathon, not a sprint.

I think some floor cushions would also be good.  I think S (designer / friend) would like to have a window seat made eventually.  Lots of space up front to play with lil’ Cash Money and his toys!

Many installs…

This past week was a big one on the home front – we got our drapes for the family room and shades in the kitchen installed (finally!).

Before – rear of family room:




Before – rear of kitchen:




Before – over sink:



Makes things look finished! We still have a few things that we need in the family room, and in the kitchen, but things are really coming along!

Blood, Sweat and Tears

All of Boom’s hard work really paid off last weekend – one of our many home improvement design projects…

Our shelves “before”:


“During” – finishing up the third coat of primer!


Two coats of Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay – looks good:


Now that the cabinets (tops, sides, backs, and bottoms) are done, onto the shelves:


At least the shelves only took 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint.  But it is hard work being in the garage with paint in 95+ degree weather:


It was at this point (above) when Boom was all “Gatorade. I need Gatorade!”

Nearing the end – install of the painted shelves:


and the “After” – looks gorgeous!  So professional – Boom’s perfectionist quality really paid off for this project!


and here’s a close up:


Boom is really a good sport.  I bet lots of hubbys would be less than thrilled to be painting cabinets in a brand new house.  And, to be sure, he wasn’t really psyched to be painting, but he did a great job and now can see how great it looks!  Makes the house a little bit more like our home.

Looking more like a home…

The end of last week and this weekend was huge for furnishing and dressing the house.  It is less of a builders spec house now (thank goodness!  will be even better once we can change out the rest of the light fixtures) and more like Boom and Tingaling’s place.

Thursday night we went to the MFAH’s Glassell School of Art’s annual student sale.  There was a ton of stuff, and most of it very reasonably priced.  It was also really great seeing what students can produce – and I know first hand what sort of sweat and tears and hard work went into each piece (well, more the watercolors and pastels and drawings, I have never been an oil or acrylic painter).  There were a couple pieces that we were interested in, and we ended up with this one:


Not exactly sure where it will go – maybe somewhere in the front entrance area?  I like it because it is abstract, but there are literal hints, so you could interpret it many different ways.  Boom thought it might be of a firetruck.  I was thinking lockers… so many possibilities!

And we finally got framed and hung one of my real first pieces of fine art photography – by a friend and artist in Richmond, Aimee Koch.


I LOVE IT!  I love the photo itself, but also how it looks on the blue backdrop of our bar area.  I think it is just fabulash!

On Friday, our daybed was delivered!  Woot woot!  We’ve been thinking about this and planning and getting the fabric just right, so I feel like it has been in the works for a while.  So great to finally have it – and it really exceeded my expectations.  I think it is just adorable, and once we get the TV mounted, it will make all the more sense!



This weekend we went to the Urban Market and got the “stand” for our stack of coffee table books (above).  The stack of books at the end of the daybed was Sara’s fabulous idea (Sara is my friend who is also a interior designer, helping us with our house!).  We have been collecting them for nearly a year now – unfort, we can’t use all the square ones we have!  Boom felt strongly that they should sit on something, not directly on the rug, so we’ve also been on the look out for something cool to put the books on.  And we got it – a rusty, 2 drawer tool box of sorts.  I think it is great!

We also got a table / desk for behind the couch (finally!):


We have been on this quest for months – Boom is so relieved that we finally got something!  and it was a pretty good price, respectively speaking.  It is funny how we change and learn – the older, more beat up with worm holes, the better!   I need to get 2 matching chairs to use at it.  We have been looking for so long for this piece, I asked Boom, what are we going to do now that we finally have it?!  You wouldn’t think it would be so hard, but it was.  Had to be the right height, and not too deep and not too long.  Even this one is a little short to sit under with the apron on it, but it will do.  We may raise it an inch or just use chairs with no cushions.  It will all work out.

Whew – no wonder we were exhausted from this weekend!  Lots going on, but really glad the living room is finally coming together.   What’s left?  Well, curtains (waiting on fabric), 3 chairs (not inc. the 2 I need for my desk), TV / sound, side tables, some more old books, and arranging the stuff on the bookshelves so it looks good.  Wow, still have a ways to go, but a lot of the big pieces are out of the way.