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Thrifted on Thursday

I love when Mom comes into town for many reasons – an added perk is that I get to be-bop to and fro, which is what I did today!

And this afternoon, I got to do some speed thrifting – my 2 fav thrift stores in H- town, The Guild Shop and Blue Bird Circle – close at 3:30pm and 4pm, respectively.  Here are the treasures I got:

I got all three for less than 16 bucks!  The pressed glass compote (left) was only $2!  They claim the covered candy dish (right) is crystal – I am suspect.  And the small plate in the middle is another piece of Depression glass.  So good additions to my collection.  I didn’t get to check out anything but the glassware – not enough time!  I’ll have to head back at some point.


I posted a comment on the Green Bag Lady’s blog when she was doing her “A Freebie for 50 Sweeties” giveaway.  I usually never win anything – but lo and behold, I got an email indicating that I had been selected to receive a handmade bag!  and guess what came in the mail today…

I love it!  I am quite good about using fabric bags for groceries and am getting better about remembering to bring my own bag when I go shopping (retail), so this pretty little bag will help me that much more!

Green Bag Lady – thank you, thank you, a thousand thank yous!  Be sure to check her out here.

Cool Giveaway

Go to Creature Comforts to enter a giveaway for a chance to win this cool instant camera:

(Photo credit:

I’d love to win it – or buy it – doesn’t it look like fun?!  Many scrapbooking possiblities…

Bags, bags and more bags!

Like I have said, I have been obsessed after seeing this blog entry.

So I have been a busy bee, making lots of shoe bags!  Her instructions are really great – much easier than other shoe bag instructions I have seen.  I did French seams, which actually took less time than zig zagging the edges like she does (and it looks better inside!).



I have already given a set away to S – my designer / friend – for her belated bday.

And a special embroidered one for my great friend, Coco:


The mushroom pattern is from this blog.

I heart the internet!  Many thanks to Betz White for her shoe bag tutorial and Andrea Zuill for the embroidery pattern!

Lucky Girl

My birthday was on Wednesday, and I really am a lucky, lucky girl!


Birthday calls from the whole fam!

Musmie is overseas in Taiwan (and she usually never remembers my bday!), Dad- who I don’t think has ever called me on his own for my bday and then Yarbs, of course – she always remembers!


Box of cupcakes waiting for me at work!


T-shirt from LB from one of my favorite downtown lunch spots, Frank’s.


A GC from the Targ from 3 of my co-workers.


Boom made homemade crab mac’n’cheese – very yummy and very rich


A package of goodies arrived from Coco – and the goodies are from Mozambique!

‘Tis a good thing to be so loved! And the celebration didn’t stop there (more on that tomorrow)…

My new favorite website / blog…


This website is chock full of ideas of things to make!  So all I need is more time… but I love seeing all the possibilities… and starting my mental list of things I want to do… too bad that list is a mile long!  Maybe one weekend I can set aside for a intense craft session with myself.  I think I would really love it!


This past weekend,  we went to the Bayou City Art Festival in Memorial Park (H-town’s version of Central Park – but not a big nor as central). It was a great day to be outside walking around – and walk we did! I think everyone had the same idea, so we had to park about a mile away, then walked a mile around the festival, and then a mile back to our car. But good times were had by all!

memp1Oh I am a delicate flower…


I love this guy! He was so cute and plump! The sculptor made lots of different sizes of Humpty, perhaps I should have gotten one… But I don’t think Boom was all that impressed…

mp4There were tons of these huge, sculptures made of steel. I just wonder how they were transported to the park – must have been quite a pain!!!


Boom is not a huge fan of crowds of slow walking people, so he was a good sport. We also got to see an artist we have been thinking about purchasing a piece from – Ray Phillips – and found out about his opening, so that is good. It would be our first piece of really legitimate artwork. Hmm, I guess I take that back – we do have an art photograph from a friend of mine in Richmond – Aimee Koch. Anyway, it would be a big step for us.

And Yarbs found a painter she liked – Roger Disney – some of his smaller pieces were not too bad, so maybe this could be a good gift idea!