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Menu – Week of 7/14

Last week was very successful! I made all of the recipes, and they all turned out quite well. We really liked the fish – and it was super easy and easy to clean up after! We were so hungry and ate it all up so quickly that I did not get a chance to take a photo of it. I will do the fish again, but maybe try another type of fish (last week it was sea bass, from sustainable fisheries at Whole Foods). And try to capture all my recipes on film.

The veggies casserole I made on Sunday was pretty good – it was odd since the recipe called for whole eggs to be broken on top of all the veggies, but not wisked up – just whole eggs, yokes and all. Made for an odd looking casserole after it had been baked…

The yokes are definitely very defined and noticeable. At least it tasted good.

Monday (today): Quinoa and lentils with succotash

Since I got to the grocery store on Tuesdays, this is the typical Monday night dinner, since we usually have no food left in the house. I may wilt some spinach with the grains.

Tuesday: I have a meeting this night, so Boom will fend for himself.

Wednesday: Fish, with spinach and couscous.

Thursday: Hurry Curry (first time to do this! From my ART180 cookbook)

Friday: Tuna Edaname Past (also first time to do this! From my ART180 cookbook)

Sat We are hitting the town with another couple.

Sunday: Homemade pizza

I make the crust in the breadmaker, and then we can just put whatever we want on top. I am thinking fresh mozzarella and mushrooms.

That should about do it. I am also thinking I should find something a bit more substantial to pack for Boom’s lunch (salad, yogurt, and a piece of fruit). Yarbs was amazed that that was all he eats for lunch, and I was all, “Well, that’s why he is so slender!”. Maybe I will fry up some tofu to put on his salads.

Menu Update

I made the Squash, Zucchini, Red Pepper Polenta casserole yesterday and it was pretty simple and quite tasty!

While not vegan (just veggie), it didn’t have a huge amount of cheese, egges or butter, and no milk or cream in it.  Yarbs came over for lunch and we feasted on it!

We ate half of the 9″ circular casserole.  Boom came home and wondered what happened to it – I was all, 1/4 in my belly and the other 1/4 in Yarb’s belly!  I am surprised that he wouldn’t have figured we ate it all – we are eaters!

It was, all in all, a success.  I will add it to my repertoire – I wonder if it would freeze ok…  may need to give that a shot.  Then I could make 3 at the same time and then just freeze 2 of ’em and pull them out when need be.


To help me be a better wife and cook, I am re-instating the posting of my menu, so you can all marvel at my cooking adventures.

I didn’t get to the grocery store today – there were way too many work men coming in and out of the house. So tomorrow I will go (ugh, one of the worst errands I can think of) and I will be making 3 dishes from my ART 180 cookbook.

Monday (today) – Succotash over quinoa and lentils (’tis very easy, one of my standbys – and also very healthy. Full of fiber!)

Tuesday – Summer squash, sweet pepper and polenta casserole (I will be out this night, so will make this during the day for Boom to enjoy)

Wednesday – Spinach & Sea Bass, with a side of cous cous or risotto

Thursday – Scampi Style tofu wrap (from Oprah’s vegan detox days) I made this a couple weeks ago – very yummy and fairly easy!

Friday – Spicy Veggie Pasta (may use rice pasta or something unusual like that)

Sat – Eating out.

Sun – Will have R over for brunch, so will likely make a bfast casserole and some monkey bread

Wish me luck on this endeavor.


Monday (last night) – Roasted chicken with baked sweet potatoes and sauteed yellow squash. Sunday we went over to a friends house to watch the Pats vs. Steelers game and they had a lot of munchies out (and also made truffle fries) so I didn’t make dinner on Sunday. Unfort, the roasted chicken really, quite literally, smoked us out! I guess all the oil gets everywhere and then it heats up while roasting and smokes. Not fun and the house still smells like chicken! but the food was delish!

Tuesday (today) – Salmon with broccoli. Tonight we have an ART180 open studio to go to – should be interesting! I’ll prep everything and then cook once we get home.  Ugh, post-smoke out Monday we had to clean the ENTIRE oven – took the door off any everything!  so we just had sushi last night..

Wednesday – NADA! I have Supper Club and then a friend is having a chocolate & champagne party (what a good idea!).

Thursday – Spinach meatballs and high protein pasta (or perhaps just meatballs w/o spinach) Salmon with broccoli.

Friday – We are out for a friend’s bday party at Chioccas (this little hole in the wall – when you leave you smell like food).

Sat – Homemade wheat pizza with fresh motz and salami / prosciutto. Boomboom says he will be in charge of Saturday night dinner!  Woot woot!  I think he will be grilling steaks – yummy!


So I actually did make steak with onions and zucchini for dindin last night.  I was fairly crabby and mean to Boomboom, but sometimes that is just the way it has to be.  I didn’t have any corn starch, but made do with sub-ing flour instead.  Boom did get Bev’s Homemade ice cream, in hopes to get me out of my bad mood – I guess it worked, a little.  Unfort, I had to defend my ice cream to the death!  Just because I like to let my ice cream melt a little and soften (easier to eat), doesn’t mean I am not going to eat it!   So never try taking it again and putting it on your left over brownies from your brownie sundae!  After he tried to pull that one, I had to immediately eat all of my ice cream.

OK, for this week:

Mon – homemade meat balls (they have spinach in ’em!) with  high protein pasta

Tues – Salmon with steamed broccoli

Wed – Leftovers!

Thurs – Nada! Boom is out of town and I have a Canine Cafe that night.

Friday –  Nada!  Boom’s work party then out to NYD for Court’s bday.

Sat – Nada!  Holiday party

Sun – Roasted chicken with whatever veggie looks good at the garoc.