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… birthday to me.  As most people, I am a bit ambivalent about getting older.  I don’t like the idea of getting old, however, right now, life is really good.  And I am happy!  The main reasons are these two guys:

Here’s a rare picture of me with both boys.  Little Sailor is getting so big!  and Baby J is just talking away these days (sometimes I can understand, other times, not so much).

I guess age is really a mindset.  I don’t feel old nor do I look too old, so maybe I am not old (yet).  Hopefully I can shed these last few (well, many) preggers pounds – being lighter will help me feel younger 🙂

And maybe with my advanced age I have gained some wisdom.  I like to think that I have.  Most importantly, I am happy.  With myself and with my life.  Who wouldn’t be happy, having these three to wake up to everyday?


Sorry for the light posting as of late – I have just been trying to survive these past few and upcoming days.  I am due in 2 days (eek!) and am feeling really preggers and uncomfortable.

This is what I see when I look down – the little spot of dark pink is a water droplet.  Usually there are crumbs on the belly shelf as well.  I think my belly button is starting to become an outie – so ridiculous!

I started having contractions 2 nights ago – and some major pain in my back.  Yesterday, I went to my doula for a labor prep massage (so good!) and she informed me the baby’s back was on my back, and thus causing back labor pain.  Last night the doula came over to try to spin the baby so baby’s back is on my belly, the correct position.  She was successful!  So now the contractions, when they come, are just more intense with a lot of pressure down there.

The contractions have kind of tapered off, so I think I need to walk around a bit to get them up and started again.  But then when I do walk, and contractions come, they aren’t so fun and it is usually best if I am near something I can hold onto.

No one ever told me the road to labor was so uncomfortable and long.  I figured once contractions started, it would only be a matter of time (hours, not days).  I commented to Boom that one of the positives of Baby J coming via C-section at 37 weeks is I never got this uncomfortable.  Oh well, such is life and I will survive!

Anyway, here are my two best guys:

Hopefully we’ll be adding a little one (guy or gal) soon!

OMG! Surprise!

I have the sweetest mommy friends here in H-town.  On Saturday morning, they surprised me with a shower for Brady Gaga!  I must have cried no less than 5 times that morning – as it was just too sweet!  It really has been surprising how close we all have become, and I have known most of them for less than a year!  I think I have known Cowgirl and V3 for about a year.  I am so thankful for them, as they help me navigate the wobbly landscape of motherhood. and thankful that we not only have kids in common, but lots of other things, so we really are friends.  Not just friends because of our kids, but rather friends who got introduces because of our kids.

It’s funny, our parenting styles go from one extreme to another, but there is always things I learn from everyone, even the moms that have completely different mothering styles than me.  I like that we are all so different.  and it is great for the kiddies – as Baby J loves to see his friends.

It was so nice on Saturday – the babies were not there, so we actually got to visit and finish sentences!  And they thought of everything  – they all wrote down thoughts and wishes in a midnight changing basket – so when I change Brady Gaga in the middle of the night, I will have a little light reading to keep me company!  and they got Boom to write 5 (or 6) things he loves about me as a mom – which were all so sweet and funny!  That would have totally been enough, but they also got me a very generous GC to a fav place of mine to get smocked ensembles!  Can’t wait to get Brady Gaga and Baby J in matching (or Jack and Jill) outfits!

I really am so, so thankful for each and everyone of them – as well as for my amazing sister and mother!  So glad they could both be there as well.

I do feel a little weird – as I usually would have gotten thank you notes out the door on Monday, but I am hosting play group on Friday and have a little something for everyone (including thank you notes) that I can just give out then.  But I am really worried that they will all think I am so ungrateful and impolite!  I discussed with Boom, wondering if I should let them know that I know my thank you cards are going to be a smidge late, but he was all, Don’t worry about it.  Most people wouldn’t have thank you notes out by Friday anyway.

Here is one of the “thoughts” Boom submitted to the gals:

I love that you already cry when you think about JJ and Brady Gaga going away to college.

It’s true – I am a freak.  Maybe they can go to Rice!


My poor laptop is so overloaded with stuff that I can’t download any of my photos onto her weary memory.  So, I won’t be posting and photos (and probably not at all) until next week.

But big news here – JJ just turned 8 months yesterday!  He is an active, active little guy – I can see that he’ll be running me ragged someday soon (unless I can figure out how to run him ragged 🙂

I’m going to enjoy my final days of vacation and I’ll be back next week!


I find I am most productive earlier in the day.  And since I am an early bird, that is good for me.  The other morning, I had gone for a run, got home, showered and no one yet up.  So I decided to take advantage of some alone time to finally organize and clean out JJ’s stock pile of clothing that was living in the laundry room.

As you can see, it was quite an undertaking!  I organized the clothes into “Too Small” (or anything that is for cool weather that will be too small by this fall / winter),”Too Big” and “Just Right” (this also includes some warmer clothing, as we will be heading to Cape Cod next month and may need to bring some long sleeves and pants).  Too Smalls are on the coffee table (wow, we had a lot of newborn and 3 month old clothing!), Too Bigs are on the top part of the sofa next to the railing, and the Just Rights are on the cushion of the sofa.

The Too Smalls have been put away to await the next bebe, if we should be so lucky.  The Just Rights are in the top 2 drawers of JJ’s dresser (top drawer holds sleep clothing, and 2nd holds daytime outfits) and the Too Bigs are in the bottom drawer.  Now, dressing JJ is quite a snap – with everything all organized.  And nice that it is in his room, in his dresser, instead of taking over the laundry room.

And here’s the cutie himself – getting so big!

Hopefully I can get another project done the next time I have some early morning time to myself – I know of a few that I should tackle soon!

Happy Birthday to ME!

It’s funny, as you get older, birthdays are things you want to try to forget, instead of celebrate. So different from when you are a kid.

I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since I raced 150 miles across the Atacama Desert – that was the 2nd coolest thing I have ever done (the first is being JJ’s mumsie). I am glad that I pushed myself and did that race – I think everyone should do something like that at least once in their lives.

As much as I love my life right now, a small part of me misses me as a badass. Maybe I’ll do ultramarathons again, maybe not. Who knows what the future may bring… As my birthday gift to myself, I am going to remember my time in Chile (you can read an earlier post about it here – looks like I need to scan in my blog posts from the race and put them up sometime…).

Life just seems to work out quite well – when I did the Atacama, it was the culmination of all my selfish years – years of doing whatever Boom and I wanted, whenever we wanted.  And once we were good and ready, Baby J came along and now it is time for our selfless years – can’t be selfish now, and don’t want to be… I figure when I wake up at 445am to go running or go to bootcamp, that is my hour of selfishness for the day.  and that is good enough for now.


Sometimes it is easy to take my life for granted. Then, like a kick to the face, I am confronted with something (or someone) that makes me want to cry and not take anything for granted.

Today we had music class. It is really cute – a lot of singing and moving around. We had already started when a child and a white haired lady came in – “Trey” looked to be about 1 year old. I saw that something was not right with his face, but not until they sat down did I really see – he had no eyes. I don’t know what would cause such a thing, but there was no sockets, and of course, no eyeballs. “Sue”, his caretaker (I surmise), was very loving and good with him. He loved the music and liked to sway when we were singing.

It made me want to cry – and I nearly did, a couple of times. Just because life is unfair. This little guy didn’t do anything to deserve the hardship that was bestowed on him. And life probably hadn’t been easy so far, and I am assuming it wasn’t going to start being easy now. I also wondered about his parents. Did they hire Sue so they could both work full time? or did Sue have special skills in dealing with special needs kids? How were they dealing with the hand life had dealt them? or had they caused it somehow?

It made me want to hug and squeeze Bubby tight, and really never let go. It made me realize that while I was concerned with what kindergarten he would be going to (in a few years), other people had far more serious things to be worried about. I also hope that Trey’s parents are better than me. That they were not too disappointed when they realized their child was not going to be able to fulfill all of their hopes and dreams they have for him. But mainly it makes my heart ache.

I am realizing that becoming a parent has really changed my outlook. I would do anything for Bubby not to have any serious illness, that I would be willing to take on any hardship if it could help keep him safe.  and when we got home for music class, I just snug snugged with my little guy, for as long as he would let me.

Here’s the cutie:

I am not going to forget to be thankful everyday, for everything that I have.