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Dear DD –

So month 8 – you are still smiley as ever!  and getting quite big – you are wearing full on 12- month clothes.  Clothes that I remember your brother wearing when he was walking!  and your feet and hands are quite large – I think you are going to be a tall one, lucky boy!

Your sitting got to be very sturdy – I could plop you down and you could sit no problem.  But you started not liking to have me / Dada / PoPo / Auntie out of your sight.  So whereas I used to be able to sit you down to grab the dry laundry to bring out to fold, around this time you started to not like not being able to see me.  I know that is totally normal, but JJ never really was like that, so it is just taking some getting used to.

It was your first Halloween, and you were Pooh’s hunny pot!  One of the ladies in my old bootcamp told me how she had dressed up her 2 kids as Pooh and the hunny pot, and I knew I had to do that for you guys!  I think I always want you guys to be some sort of duo (as long as you are agreeable to it).  I can’t wait for Batman and Robin!

We took a trip up to the Northeast to see Dada’s family.  Loved getting you out on the windy beach for some photos!  We found out on this trip that you are a champ when it comes to car rides.  We drove for 3+ hours from Nana and Grampy’s house to Little E’s and you literally didn’t make one peep!  It was amazing.  At one point, I asked Nana to take a look at you to make sure you were OK, you had been so quite!

You loved meeting your new cousin Hank!  You were always trying to scoot to where he was on the floor.  He was only a month old – and teeny!

We also found out on this trip that you are not a huge fan of plane flights.  You did alright on the 3.5 hour flight up, but the 4.5 hour flight home you were not please. At all.  You basically screamed for 3.5 hours – and there were no other babies so we couldn’t blame it on anyone else.  I think after the 2 hour drive to the airport, you were basically done.  Then the flight was an eternity and a half – I really didn’t think I was going to make it.  It literally was one of the worst experiences of my life.  You are just at the worst age to fly  –  you just wanted to be down and scooting around, not being help for hours on end.  Once we got you in your car seat in our car, you were out like a light.  But we all survived and it was worth it for everyone to get to see you and your brother.

Basically you started crawling after we got back from our trip.  You want to crawl to where ever JJ is, and play with whatever he is playing with.  Ah, such a little brother!  I think JJ is still getting used to you being so mobile.

You really are a joy to be around.  Such a happy boy – I often times call you Mister Smiley, because you are!  Everything is good – you are eating well, napping / sleeping well, getting around well, very curious about everything!  You are a fearless explorer (much like his mama, I like to think 🙂  I think you are liking being read to a little more – you just don’t like to be still for anything!

I love you, my little butterball.  Your cheeks and thighs and fat little feet are just too adorable!  Your little belly sticks out and it is just the cutest.  You are just perfect, in my book!




Dearest DD –

Sorry, sorry for the delayed letter(s).  This fall, life has been just whirling by.  I am really excited to get caught up soon!

Month 7 was a lot of fun – you are a lot of fun!  You are so chill and good – if you are not too tired or hungry or being held , you usually won’t make a peep!

You like swinging – the weather was still hot in October, so we were able to get some park time in.  When you get in the swing at first, you are a little scared, but once you realize it is fun, you are just fine.  Sometimes I put you and JJ back to back, so riding tandem in the swing.  It is really cute!

You love your belly and loved the skydiver move – on belly, with hands and legs off ground – everyone commented on your strong core!  Here you are trying on a fire helmet, getting ready for JJ’s 2nd birthday!

You were so ready to crawl!  We call you our little bulldog when you are on all fours.  When you hit this point, we knew it was only a matter of weeks before you started crawling!

You have endured so many photo shoots in these 7 months.  Check out this one from your 6 month shoot.  I really love this photo of your maternal side of the family.  Everyone loves you and your brother so so much!  So amazing that we are in Texas so that you and your brother can see PoPo, GongGong, and Auntie a lot!  (Thanks, Boom)

You are loving playgroup – and so am I!  I love that you have your own set of friends, and not just JJ’s friends.  And I really like all the ladies we have in playgroup – everyone lives all over the city (generally inside the loop, or close to the loop), so it is kinda fun to explore – especially since we meet during the day so traffic isn’t bad.

You love your brother most of all.  It really is adorable how much you love watching him and being near him.  Pretty soon you guys will be able to actually play together!

Thank you for always having a smile for me.  I love being your mama so much – you made having 2 babies under the age of 2 as easy as possible (even though 2 kids is a game changer – not double as hard, try exponentially as difficult!).  Dada thinks we are twinks – I am honored to be put in a category with someone as cute as you!



Happy Half Birthday, DD!

Dearest DD –

I can’t believe you are six months already!  Time does seem to fly (sometimes, others, it just crawls by).  This month was really fun – you are doing a lot more and definitely more aware and your little personality is coming out!

You are a big baby – 100%tile for height (29 inches), 90%tile for weight (20 lbs) and head size (18 inches).  That is good – you are growing to your fullest genetic potential!  and you are just thriving – a healthy, happy baby is all I ever wanted, and you certainly are both.

It was a big month of firsts for you, as well…

First playgroup meeting.  You are all, I am going to rule the playgroup roost!  Hahaha!  You are not the oldest one, but you were the oldest one at this first meeting.  I think you will likely be the biggest baby 🙂 for a while.

You also started “school” this month.  So far you have gone 2 times and came home with 2 different pieces of “art” that you did.  I love it!  There are 3 babies on the day that you go, with 2 teachers – I am sure you all get so much loving.  Both times, on your daily report, they have put down for your “General Mood” as SUPER happy!  Yay!

We have been working on sitting up a little bit, and you can do it for a few seconds, but then you usually flop over.

You love love LOVE being on your belly!  And in the full Superman pose – head and knees / feet off the ground, arms back with hand in a very aerodynamic position.  Dad tried this pose with you, and after about 1 minute he was exhausted, but not you – can do this all day long.  Such a strong boy! (We tried to get JJ into this pic, but he was very suspect and stayed away)

JJ loves having you around.  When you are not, he is always asking about “baby”.  and you love having him around – one morning J was not feeling so well, so he came in with me to put you down for your nap, and I didn’t think it would really happen, but it did.  You did not mind at all having him there!

Auntie Yarbs also loves being around you.  She is so helpful – on Thursdays her schedule is such that I don’t have to bring you to drop off or pick up for JJ’s school.  It is quite fabulous!  She loves your kisses and to snug snug with you.

And you love your Dada so much!  You always have a huge smile whenever you see him.  You love to slime him, that is for sure.  and he doesn’t mind at all (now that is love for ya!).

DD, Dada and I love you and your brother so much!  We are so excited for you two to be the best of friends!  Thank you for being such a sweet, sweet baby.  Love you guys more than anything in the whole world!




Dearest Little DD* –

Wow – I can’t believe that you are 5 months old!  The big news this month is that you have cut your first tooth!  I can’t believe that either – your toothless grin will be no longer!  And you did so in your own, laid back fashion – no fussing, no fever, no rashes, no weird poops – unlike your bro who had all the textbook / old wives tale symptoms.  We had been noticing that you were drooling a lot and chewing on your hands – so I thought I should take a look in your little mouth… how surprised was I when I felt your little tooth in the middle of your gums!

You really are a remarkably good baby.  Sometimes I marvel at how good you are!  I guess I am really marveling at how lucky Dada and I are – the only time you cry is when you are hungry or tired.  and you are much more quick to smile at this age than your brother was.

We’ve been working on sitting up this month and you are doing a great job!  I am really going to enjoy the brief window when you can sit up on your own but not crawl yet.  I think your brother will really think it is so neat when you are able to sit up alone!

Your schedule is pretty good these days – you usually get up between 715 – 8am, eat (bottle and solids!) and then are up for around 1.5 hours.  Then it is your first nap – with the addition of solids, you have been taking  a great morning nap – usually around 2 hours.  and we just started giving you solids at your 4th meal before bedtime and that has been helpful in eliminating night wakings and keeping you from getting up super early in the morning.

We took you to the pool for the first time the other week.  You did not seem to mind the water at all – just chillaxed in your shaded float-y thing – never fussed or anything!  But wow, it was a lot of work for such a little guy!  J certainly thought it was really cool to have you there with him.

Here are 2 of your biggest fans (aside from JJ, Dada and me, of course) – you’ve gotten to see a lot of PoPo and Auntie Yarbs this month.  Which is very good – it has been so long since you had seen PoPo that you were a little unsure when she first held you.  But after a feeding or two, you guys were fast friends.  She and Auntie Yarbs love you so so much!

Just like your brother, you love to get Dada’s nose!  He thinks that we are twinks… looks wise and also you are much more vocal than J was at this age.  So maybe you will be a talker like me.  I love to hear your little voice!  You sound so much like your brother, it is almost uncanny.  Lately, after your 2 later meals, you’ve been talking up a storm!  We love all your stories!

Your brother really loves you a lot!  He is even willing to share Dog and his new red train with you – two of his most prized possessions!  And he knows which toys are yours and always brings something over to you so you can have a toy to play with.

Little D, I love you so much.  You are the perfect addition to our little family – every time I see you I have to smile.  You are just perfect!  and although having 2 babies is logistically a challenge, you make things as easy on Mama as possible.  Thank you for being such a good baby!



* DD is what the Mandarin word for “little brother” sounds like – we all call you DD!

Four Months!

Dearest Little Bub –

You turned four months a few (um, over 10) days ago! You are a big boy!  At your 4 month well baby appointment, the nurse had to measure your length 3 times!  She was all, that is not possible, he is off the charts!  So you are 27 inches long (95%+), weigh 17 lbs and 15 ounces (95%) and your head is 17.75 inches in diameter (90%).  I am pretty sure you are larger now than JJ was at 6 months – really, you are just perfect!

A lot has happened this month…

You took your first flight up to Boston to see Dada’s side of the family.  You are a good little traveler – you slept a lot and then just hung out.  Both ways, folks deboarding the plane commented on what good travelers you and JJ are!  The best compliment is that folks forgot that a baby was on board!

You got to spend lots of time with cousins, aunts, uncles, Nana and Grampy – and got to meet all of your extended family at your clam bake!  Everyone loved seeing you, but especially all the gals – as you can see you were quite a hit!  People were lined up to hold you!

You also embarked on your first step down the road of Catholicism.  You were great when the priest dribbled water on your head – and the ceremony only took 15 minutes!  So not enough time for you to get fussy at all.

And while we were on the Cape, you learned how to roll from your belly to your back.  Now we just need to work on getting you to roll from your back to your belly!

Dada loves spending time with you – with his busy schedule and a demanding older son, I am sure he wishes he could spend more time with you.  But you guys are very sweet when you do get a few moments together.

We started you on solids – you are still perplexed to what is going on.  I also have to mix the rice cereal with prune juice, as it really seems to plug you up.

JJ still seems to think you are pretty cool.  He always asks about you if you are not around, and if you are, he always wants to share his toys, or give you a hug and a kiss.  You love watching your older bro!  Really, when he is around, you only have eyes for him.  I know you guys are going to be the best of friends and that makes me so happy!

Popo got in  a few days after your 4month milestone, and she couldn’t be happier!  She loves you and JJ so so much!  She is especially impressed with what a content and relaxed baby you are.

You are such a good, happy baby!  Even more laid back and chill than JJ, which is quite remarkable.  Most people probably didn’t even think that is possible!  I really can’t complain at all – you eat well, sleep pretty well (especially considering you are only 4 months!), and just cry if you are tired, hungry or gassy.  and a lot of times you wake up and just hang out in your crib for up to an hour – playing with your feet and the whatnot.  It really is too adorable.

I love you, little Sailor, so so SO SO SO much!  I am really trying to savor your babyhood, as our little family is complete.  And you are getting to be a lot more fun – and it will only get better!





Three, three, I see, I see…

(title of post quoted from one of JJ’s favorite books, Ten Apples Up on Top)

Dearest Little Bubba –

You are really so aware these days!  A lot of times I will ask for a smile, and you oblige! You rarely furrow your brow anymore – I guess you are taking it all in and it isn’t as scary or confusing as it once was.

Dad seems to think that you might have bigger eyes than your brother – and that is quite a feat!  They are still a steel gray / dark blue color, I am assuming they will likely change to a dark brown, but who knows?

(this really good photo was taken by your Auntie Yarbs – thanks!)

Your eyelashes are really coming in – getting really long!  You are still in the bassinet, and it seems that you are losing some of your hair on the sides of it.  Not to worry, we will be ordering your new crib and organic mattress soon!

I think you are becoming your Auntie’s favorite nephew (of the moment) as JJ is a little clingier to me these days.  She loves your chubbiness as much as I do! She has been a great help – babysitting so we can go out, and helping during J’s pickup, so I don’t have to bring you.

This month we switched you off the newborn formula – and onto regular formula.  It seemed like you were getting especially gassy with the regular formula, so we put you on the gentle formula.  Then it seemed like you might have some reflux – you were not pooping well, not napping well, waking up screaming, and even had an episode with a little blood in your spit up.  So after taking you to the doctor, we decided to put you back on the newborn formula, and you seem to be getting back to your regular self.  We are feeding you less food more frequently, which is probably a good thing in general.

Now your sleep schedule is around 7pm at night to around 530 – 630am – since you are eating 5 times now, you get up a little early for that extra feeding.  Not too shabby – and you nap around 4 – 5 hours a day.  I can’t really complain (though I probably do) since you are a very good sleeper.

Your brother is still a big fan of yours.  Every morning, he asks where the baby is.  And he loves it when you are in the car next to him.  Often times in the morning, he will spontaneously give you kisses on your head (or blow kisses to you) numerous times without being asked!  In the afternoons, when he is tired, he is a bit more needy and less interested in you, but I can understand that.

And of course I am (along with your dad) your biggest fan!  You are so so cute!  and good, a very very good baby.  You really only cry when 1) you are hungry or 2) you are tired.  And you go down pretty easily for naps and night night.  Sometimes I won’t be able to sooth you completely to sleep, and you are already able to put yourself to sleep!  When JJ is around, you love to watch him.  You guys really are going to be the best of friends!

Since you stay up a smidge later than J, you often times get to see Dada before you go to bed.  He loves getting to spend some time with you!  and with your new earlier waking schedule, he is usually on feeding duty, and afterwards, you guys sometimes end up in the big bed – which is so cute for me when I get home from working out.

Dada says he is excited for you to be able to sit up on your own – I told him not to make you grow up any faster than you already are!  I think soon you are not a newborn, just a regular baby.  I need to start taking you to story time and music / gym class – we’ll just have to get your schedule nailed down a little more, as you are napping a lot of time.

We love you so much, little Chunk-chunk.  You are the perfect addition to our family.  Even though it has only been 3 months, I can’t imagine life without you.  Sometimes when you nap a long time, JJ and I get lonely and miss you.  Thank you for being such a good baby!



Two, two

Dear Darling Sailor –

You are now much more aware – you seem to be able to see and focus much more than before.  I am pretty sure PoPo will be shocked to see how much you’ve grown since she has been gone!

It really does take a village to raise children – we’ve had countless play dates with friends (to occupy your brother in the afternoon so you can nap in your room), had one really nice friend come over 2 nights in a row when your dad was out of town to help with you and JJ, had numerous Auntie Yarbs visits, hired a morning time helper (just until PoPo is back in town), and your GongGong even came down to watch you so I could take JJ to the dentist.  It really is amazing how someone so small can instill such fear in people!

But, everyday it gets a little easier.  We are all just trying to figure it out.  Of course, some days are better than others, and I am still usually pretty tired…

…but overall you are a really amazing baby!  You are a great eater and night time sleeper – you’ve “slept through the night” and you are just a wee one!  It helps that you are a real fatty – 95th percentile for weight at 2 months (and 50th for height).

Like Auntie Yarbs says, it is good to be a fat baby – it is the only time in your life that people will think you are cute when you are fat!

We are currently working on your daytime feeding / sleeping schedule and you seem to be adapting very well.  The hope is that you will soon be sleeping from 7pm – 7am (yay!).

Your brother loves you very much.  He still loves to give you gentle pat pats and now he really loves to give you kisses!  and just the other day I saw you following JJ with your eyes – soon enough you’ll be able to really follow him and you guys really are going to be the best of friends!

Of course you know that dad is one of your biggest fans – he loves you and your brother so much!  As do I – we always talk about how lucky and blessed to have such a great family – the two best little boys in the whole world!

You really are a laid back, chill baby.  Maybe more so than your brother was, and that is pretty amazing.  Your smiles and ah-goos are just too adorable!  I love your chubby cheeks and thighs!  I just want to gobble them up!  and I think you are furrowing your brow less these days, which is good.  Maybe since you can see better you are not quite as concerned.  You do get upset when you are over tired, but don’t we all?  I know I certainly do.

I love you more than I could ever express. Thank you for being such a good, good baby.