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Boom and I don’t watch many movies, much to Boom’s chagrin.  But sometimes, when we have a lowkey night / weekend, we will watch a couple.  That is what we did this weekend:


Taken was ok – a pretty good action movie.  Nothing too special, but still kept our interest.  I was kind of surprised that Liam Neeson was cast as the dad – he seemed a little old.  Realistic, yes, but Hollywood is not always known for realism.  Made me think I should learn how to hot wire a car.  and pick locks.  Not sure where I can gain those skills…


I didn’t love The Wrestler.  I guess I just couldn’t relate to the main character on any level.  His failed life, failed career, failed relationships, etc.  Why wouldn’t he do something to fix himself?  I know Mickey Rourke was nominated for lots of awards, and that is great.  But I just couldn’t get into the movie.  I did make me look at WWF events in a whole new light.  And makes me sad that the youth of America is so into violence – makes me scared for the future a little bit.

Anyway, I guess this is why I don’t really love watching movies – sometimes they seem like a waste of time.  But, for Boom, I will gladly waste a few hours, if he really wants.  And sometimes, I do love the movies (Slumdog Millionare).

Movie Reviews

This holiday break I saw 5 (five!!!) movies – that is nearly my quota for the year!

I reviewed Slumdog Millionare earlier – here are the other gems that I saw:

fredclausposterYarbs wanted to see Elf but of course it wasn’t available a couple days before Christmas.  So we got Fred Claus – it was exactly what I expected.  A typical holiday movie – with a feel good ending.  It didn’t bill itself as anything else, so just fine for a Vince Vaugh holiday movie.

burnafterreadingpostersBurn After Reading was not what I expected at all.  Granted, the last scene had Boom and I laughing out loud, but it was an odd, odd movie.  Interesting and unexpected, but not my favorite.  I think any movie with John Malkovich has to be kinda odd.

traitorposterThe DVD we rented of Traitor had some scratches or something so it kept skipping and getting stuck – highly annoying.  But it was pretty good – love Don Cheadle.  However it kinda makes things seem hopeless.  <Sigh> I wish I had some Muslim friends – just so I could ask questions and learn about their culture.  In DC, I had a Muslim friend Amir – and he was great!  But we lost touch, and that was my one and only thin connection to the Muslim culture.

We also saw The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe: Part 2 – it was OK.  Seemed to me that the kids that went back were not much help to Narnia.  But whatever.

Movies are fine, but sometimes it seems like they take up a lot of time that could be better used elsewhere.  However, when we were at the Angelika, there were quite a few previews that looked pretty good.  So we’ll see if we end up seeing some of those films.

Weekend Movies

Boom and I had a very laid back weekend – when he wasn’t working, we just hung out.  And on Sat and Sun we rented movies.  Two very different (from each other and most other) movies.  In the end, both were uplifting, but I am not quite sure how they got there.  I liked them both, but especially “Once”…


Once” won an Oscar for Best Song “Falling Slowly” and made us want to download the soundtrack.  It was also a sweet movie – and I loved it b/c there was nothing sexy about it at all.  Not that I am aganist sexy, but it was refreshing to watch a movie where that was not at the center of all things.


The Darjeeling Limited” was very random and quirky.  I enjoyed it as well.  Had the same sort of feel as “The Royal Tenenbaums” (same director) and “I Heart Huckabee” (tho I realized that I may not have seen that movie yet).



After Boom got home, we rented 3:10 to Yuma, with Christian Bale. He looked pretty good, for a scraggly farmer. But his character in the movie was kinda dumb. He made a lot of mistakes and in the end, a lot of people died for nothing. Wasn’t our favorite movie, but there wasn’t much in the way of selection at Blockbuster. and it cost nearly $6 to rent this one, measly movie! We are thinking of doing Netfix like other smart people.