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seem to be by “day off” from other obligations – and yesterday was great as I had nothing scheduled to do, Boom was at the “draft” for his Little League team he is helping coach, and I just hung out my best pup.  Her snoring is quite comforting.

ruruThis is Yarbs’ award-winning photo of lil Ruru – looking so cute as she patiently (or not so patiently) waits for treat.

This past week / weekend was crazy-busy:

Tues – Work events; home around 8pm

Wed – Friend dinner; fun and love them, but still tiring

Thurs – volunteering; home around 830pm

Friday – work; home around 10pm

Saturday – all day craft-fest (woot woot!) with Yarbs; social event – home around 130am

Sunday – UGH; skipped yogi; work from 12 – 4; bunko from 7 – 10

Monday (yesterday) – a little down time (whew!)

And this week is not looking any better – in fact, I will have more work events over the weekend!!!  Which I do enjoy, but just makes having a life outside work more difficult.  I really enjoyed the quiet and stillness of yesterday.  More madness to come – maybe I’ll try to take a photo each day starting today for the week – test try Yarbs’ photo a day thing she is trying to get me to do.


Just a few more photos…

img_2150Oh Marmidy! Isn’t she the cutest?! Marm cooked all week long – so that we could get our fill of homemade Chinese food. and it was all delish!

img_2152Awww – Ruru! She loved the stuffed octopus that she got for Christmas. She was able to get through to the stuffing in less than 1 hour!

img_2159Ruby really looks like such a young pup in this photo! She is just the cutest! I am glad that she is a superdog and will live forever, as I can’t really imagine our lives without her!

My Cuties

I oft times think I am the luckiest gal in the whole world, due in part by these two:

Boom! (a cute photo of BabyBoom, to make up for the silly bday photo I posted)



Both are so cute and make me happy!

Ole Graybeard

I think little RuRu is getting old!  Her obvious gray beard and hairs throughout her coat are a tell tale sign – but her energy just seems to be waning these days.  After ChopChop and CapCap left (last Sunday), Ruby was wiped out for days!  and even now, she seems just a bit off.

I have shortened her twice daily walks, to help with fatigue.  On our afternoon walk today, we literally only walked past 3 houses before she was laying on the grass, her signal that she is tired and needs a break.  3 houses!  That is not very far at all.  I managed to get her to continue, but she was really panting and I could tell she just wanted to go home.

I wonder if she knows that she still has at least 10 good years ahead of her!  She is the best dog ever – I can’t imagine life without her.  Helps that she is super cute, too!


Little RuRu (our Boston Lab) doesn’t get to lord over much in household, but she really did give the Pig the business the other day!

She was all, Oh little Pig, you think you are so cute – so pink and covered with flowers. Well, I will show you who dominates here! RAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Poor Pig has already lost her ears, and now her insides!  RuRu is doing well – still adjusting to the heat (which results in shorter walks).  I think she’ll be happy when we put some carpets down!

The Frenchie version of Ruby!

AMAZING!  This looks just like little Ruby (a Boston Lab – Boston terrier / Labrador retriever mix) if she was born a Frenchie…  just missing are the back white toes…

Wish I had a better photo of her, but she is camera shy!

Veggie Dog

I got Ruby some veggie dog food yesterday:

One of the benefits that is actually written on the back of the food bag is “Lover Lower Stool Volume” – too funny!

Last night I thought Ruby liked it – I am mixing it in with her meat based food (no byproducts, though) until the meat based food runs out. She ate her bowl of mixed kibble lickety-split. But this morning, I can actually hear her stomach growling, and she refuses to eat her mixed kibble.

She was begging me to get her veggie dog food – not wanting to contribute to the suffering of her fellow animals and to do her part to help save the environment – and now she pulls this?! I am not going to worry, once she is hungry enough, she will bust into the mixed kibble. She is so moody…