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I ordered some labels off Etsy and was really rather worried. These labels were being shipped from somewhere half way across the world. After I paid, I thought to myself, I may have just thrown away $30. And then I heard nothing. Birds chirping. I emailed the seller, and he responded! I was amazed. and now I have my labels!!! and they totally rock! I know I am likely way to excited about these labels, but they are WOVEN labels, and 200 only cost me $30!!!!!


How great are those labels?! The top one is the the front (duh) and the bottom one is the back – showing that they are indeed WOVEN!!! I am just thrilled with them! and they were cheep cheep!

I was talking with Boomboom last night about these labels, and how cheap they were, even though they came all the way (likely straight from the factory) from Bangladesh, and singing the praises of the Internet and how it has made the world so much smaller. He did point out that due to their low cost, they may have been produced by child laborers. Ugh – but at least I didn’t buy from a middle man… had to tell myself something to make me feel better.

The way they were packaged – I really wish I had taken a photo of the package before I took a seam ripper to it. Yes, indeed, they were stitched up in muslin, with my address written right on the fabric! and then wrapped on the outside with clear packing tape and on the inside with a newspaper written in Hindi (?). Looked like a prop from an Indiana Jones movie. I think have have all the components of the packaging, so I will try to recreate sometime and put up a pic.

So – what am I going to do with all these said lovely labels, you ask? Sew them into everything I make (and have made still in my possession) – all the little bags I make and the tea towels I embroider. They will all have my label on ’em! Wooooooot Wooooooot!


Class… sewing…

So I am taking a sewing class on Wed nights. Our project is to make a skirt. Most of the other students haven’t sewn before, so tonight’s class was a little bit basic for me. I don’t mind so much, as the main reason I wanted to take this class is to be able to read and understand patterns and to do an apparel project (for full sized people), which I have never done.

The teacher, History, is majorly quirky. I like that about her – but I am not sure she likes me. She is really nice to everyone, so I am thinking she had to be faking it towards someone. Oh well, at least I am learning something new!

My skirt fabric is a fine wale corduroy. I don’t even wear skirts, but oh well. I am thinking I’d like to make a wool poncho next. Maybe out of nice, wool felt. or a tweed.

I have a few craft books and really love Amy Butler. I am very tempted to get her new craft book, but I am going to resist. I did just download some free patterns off her website.

in_stitches_anchor.jpg This is her craft book that I currently have.

btrs.jpglotta.JPG These are the other two craft books that I have. I enjoy them as well, but not as much as Amy Butler.

I also need lots more fabric! I love Japanese kiddie fabric (and asked Boomboom if we could go to Japan so I could purch some for myself – he rejected that idea) and, of course, amy butler fabric. We are going to Cville in 2 weeks and I am already planning on doing some fabric shopping. I know that makes me sound really old and boring, but I am really enjoying my sewing these days!

There are 2 quilting stores here in town that I have never been to, so I may try to check them out. Again, makes me sound old and country, which i am neither (definitely NOT country, at least). But I do love beautiful, modern quilts. at least modern fabrics and designs.

I am thinking I will make pot holders for my sisters in law for xmas. Highly exciting, I know, but I am excited for that project! From Lotta’s book (and I think Bend the Rules Sewing, as well). and the SILs like to cook, as does the MIL. And I am thinking that would make a good housewarming gift, perhaps with some matching napkins or tea towels or coaster (all also projects I have on the back burner).

Am I really that person now? The dorky sew-er? Oh well, I like it, so that is good enough 😉

Ah – so many projects, so little time!

More S&B

I also love needlepointing.  I told my co-worker that and she wrinkled her nose, as she was thinking of cheesy old lady needlepointing.  Well, that is not the needlepointing that I do.  I design my own canvases (so I don’t have to needlepoint cheesy old lady patterns) on the computer, draw the design onto the canvas, paint the canvas and then needlepoint the pattern.  Then I take it to Jermie’s and they send it off to be finished.

blank-canvas.jpg Blank canvas.

blk-flower-canvas-completed.jpg Completed canvas.

clutch.JPG  And here is the finished purse!

I  love needlepointing when I am watching tv – makes me feel like I am being productive 🙂 instead of just watching tv. But to get a needlepoint project started takes kinda a long time.  So many steps.  So I don’t currently have a needlepoint project going.

Now I can and often do blog whilst watching tv.   Like Yarb said today when we talked “What else is going on?  I guess I just need to check your blog!”


Recently I have really been into sewing. After I designed my purse for the auction, I have been sewing up a storm during the weekends (’cause I need at least 2 hours to make it worth it). I’ve made little bags, and bigger bags – all very cute, I think! and they are all lined, which is nice. Most are from an Amy Butler pattern – I like her stuff! and her instructions are good.

Check out my bags:

img_1497.JPG Mini-coin purse. Love the outer green fabric, as it isn’t too heavy and has a good body to it.

img_1499.JPG Wristlet. Has ribbon detailing and ribbon handle. img_1502.JPG

img_1505.JPG Same as above, but different fabric (light blue with brown and white grommet pattern).img_1506.JPG

img_1507.JPG Wristlet with 2 different fabrics. Handle is same as upper fabric.img_1508.JPG

img_1500.JPG Flat little bag (not Amy Butler pattern). Ribbon detailing. img_1501.JPG

Boomboom affectionately calls all of my crafty activities that use a needle “Stitch & Bitch”.

I am not sure what I am going to do with all these little bags… sell ’em (on etsy)?  Give away as gifts? Dunno yet…