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Mister McCute

I know everyone thinks their baby is the cutest, but I am quite sure Baby J really is the cutest baby ever!

His growth spurt continues.  He woke up at 3am to be fed, after eating a lot at midnight!  So I am a little tire, but so it goes… Today he has been eating a lot, and also sleeping well.  We had to leave our neighborhood story time a little early because he was soooo tired.

He has discovered his arms.  Now he swings them all the time, sometimes at an alarming rate!  I fear that I’ll get popped in the nose or mouth, in addition to being head butted (due to his sporadic control of his neck).

I am thankful that I can stay at home with him and watch him grow -but it isn’t all bonbons and rainbows.  Motherhood is the hardest thing I have ever done.  But well worth it.  and it’s already become a little bit easier and more fun – I think it will just get better and better when he is more interactive!



Little dude is getting so big!  Look at him holding his rattle (well, he can hold it if I put it in his hands).  Gym class on Friday was lots of fun as was story time yesterday.  Story time was actually totally adorable!  So many moms / nannies / and 1 dad with their babies.  Lots of singing and activities, I suppose the teacher did read a story in there at some point.  The only thing is that story time conflicts with Jbirds nap, so he was a little cranky until he fell asleep.  I need to get that figured out.  The other library’s Wed story time is a bit earlier, so that will be a little bit better (can’t go tomorrow, but will check it out next week).

I’ve also got some handmade Valentine’s wrapped up and ready to mail out (hope to make it to the PO kiosk when Boom gets home from work tonight) to some special peeps.  No one will be expecting them, which is most of the fun (and everyone getting one will hopefully appreciate the time and effort that goes into a handmade gift)!  I love getting unexpected packages in the mail – who doesn’t?!  Aren’t the tags adorable?  Many thanks to Bunnycakes, for providing the Valentine’s for free!  I’ll post photos of what exactly I made after Vday, so as not to spoil the surprise for those receiving packages.

With Jbird around, I have a “One Event a Day” limit – tomorrow we will have folks in the house dealing with some AV stuff, then Thursday we’ll be touring a “school” that I am trying to get Jbird in starting in Sept (he’ll be 9 months old – and hopefully attending 2 half days a week).  Schools / pre-schools / mother’s day out programs are all super competitive here – I guess it is because they can be  – there are more than enough folks that want the limited spots that each program has.  So wish us luck!


CM is the forth (so an IV goes behind his name) – here are all three of the living namesakes:

Jack was the 10th most popular name in 2009. I like that he is a forth, so clearly we are not jumping on the bandwagon.

John was the 49th (I think) most popular name in 2009. I think John is a great name – why not call your son John (instead of Jack) if there are not multiple ones in the family?

I know about a dozen little boys named Jack, since the name is so popular now, but I always knew that if we had a boy, he’d be an IV, and thus called what is grandfather goes by, so as not to make things too confusing in the household.

Currently, I am trying to use CM’s world adventurer nickname more – Alejandro le Poopay. I think Boom’s mother thinks I am crazy…


If you didn’t know, breastfeeding is a HUGE point of contention for most everyone – and I was really surprised at how passionate people are about it.  I do think that breast is best, but I also think that sometimes things don’t work out as you ideally plan, so you shouldn’t feel bad about decisions you have to make (or are forced to make due to factors outside your control).

Sometimes the second questions people would ask me, after “how is the baby”, is “are you breastfeeding?”.  It really surprised me – and kinda took me aback, especially since it is no ones business but your own (meaning, between you, your baby and your partner).  And no one tells you that breastfeeding is hard, really hard.  and painful – to start and to stop!

However, it has been a point of bonding, I have found, between me and other moms – the fact that breastfeeding is no ones business but your own, and that people should not be so nosy.

Of course, I would do anything for my little guy, but it has to be balanced with your mental and overall wellness.  Cause if you are crazy, your baby and family will be as well.

So (getting off soapbox) the next time you see a new mom, ask her how her baby is and also how she is doing.  And tell her she looks fabulous.  You will make her day!

Leaving you with a cute self portrait of me and CM:

Cry Baby

I’m referring to myself, not lil’ Cash Money.  On Saturday, I managed to shed real teat twice before 2pm.  Oh – it’s the hormones, you say… maybe it contributes to it, but that is just how I am.  Emotional.

One of the Animal Planet shows we sometime watch is Pitbulls and Parolees.  Basically is a reality show about the largest pitbull rescue non-profit, Villalobos Rescue Center, and at least half of the staff are parolees.  I like it on many fronts – it dispels many myths about pitbulls, show how people can be healed by dogs, etc.  And since I know first hand that pitbulls are not evil (just some of the owners), I like anything that gets the real character of pitbulls out.  Anyway, it was a particularly touching show about a dog they rescued, but wh0 had cancer so they had to put it down.  The sad part is that the poor dog was starving and hurting and no one cared.  The poor pup was just barely surviving, and didn’t have anyone to love her or care for her.  Broke my heart.

I hate to think about pups that don’t have good homes, with people who love them a lot.  Our little Ruru is a super dog!  And we love her a lot a lot!  She clearly had a rough life before she met us, so we don’t feel bad giving her lots of loving and all the creature comforts.

So the second thing that brought on the water works was the Army-Navy game.  All the commercials were so patriotic, they gave me chills!

Then Boom was all, Sometimes I think I would like to bring Cash Money to the Army-Navy game, but I don’t want him to aspire to be in the Army or Navy.

And I was all, Well, you and your dad were in the Navy / Marine Corps and stayed safe.  My cousin, T, went to Westpoint and served in the Army and remained safe.

And Boom was all, That was all luck.  I don’t want CM to go into the military cause it is dangerous.

Then I started thinking about it – how I definitely didn’t want my son to go into the military – what if he got hurt or worse?!  and then I started crying, big time.  and I told Boom, though my tears, that  I didn’t want CM to go into the military either.  And he was all, You are crazy.  He is two weeks old.

I am a little bit crazy, I have never claimed otherwise.  But I like to think it is a good crazy.  Crazy b/c I feel things so acutely, so strongly, that crying has always been something I struggle with.  I’d rather be like that, than not feel things at all, though.  And Boom loves me, my whole bowl of crazy, and that is what really matters.  Hopefully CM will as well – love his crazy mum.

Life these days…

is mainly me hanging out with my little man.  Quite a change of pace – though he does keep me on my toes!  Mumsie is here to help out, since I am supposed to be taking it easy after major abdominal surgery (i.e. Cesarean section, or C-section, or c/s).  And I have been, mainly b/c I don’t want a huge scar or hernia due to pushing it too soon after the c/s.

Boom thinks we look like twinkies in the pic above.  and that we both look like aliens.  I know little Cash Money takes major offense to that. I don’t really see the alien-esqueness, but whatever.  I think CM is adorable, so if we are twinks, that must be a good thing.

The main issue is that baby gets gas.  and has a hard time getting rid of it – so he needs a lot of help.  So feeding take 1+hours, as one has to burp him very aggressively after about 10 swallows.  And then changing the diaper – sometimes he’ll grace us with another peepee (I need to put my Weewee Wigwams to use!) and then there goes another outfit and diaper and changing pad cover.

He really is so adorable, so it is clearly all worth it.  I hear these itty bitty days are fleeting so I should enjoy them – so I am trying to do so.  Trying to be in the present moment and enjoy him and life as it is right now.  ‘Cause I am a lucky, lucky girl!


I love it when people ask if Boom and I are ready to become parents.  Of course we are excited and really happy to become parents, but can you ever really be ready or prepared?  I think it is always a huge shock…

I am confident, however, that we have done everything in our power to be as prepared as is humanly possible, without really knowing what we are getting into.

We’ve read numerous books (this is not even all of them!)…

and have taken 6 classes, totaling 40 (!!!) hours of our life this past fall.  And we’ve done lots of research on our own on a variety of topics.

The only thing missing is some on the job training, which will come soon enough in 2 days!  I can’t wait!!!