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Ah the Northeast… in the Summer

We spent nearly a week up in Maine over Labor Day – and the weather was just incredible!  Low, low humidity, highs in the 70s and lows in the 40s – loved being cold at night!


We stayed just outside of Portland with Boom’s brother and sis and law.  Of course we went into Portland, Freeport and Kennebunkport.


We got our first taste of the Wii – and we are hooked!  It is so much fun!  Boom and I did pretty good for novices in bowling.  He also dominated his bro and uncle in boxing…


We caught a Sea Dogs game, the Boston Red Sox AA team.  I felt so wholesome – a little slice of Americana!


Little E is so cute!  and just such a good kid.  I want Cash Money to be as good of a kid a her – dare to dream.

It was great seeing most of Booms immediate family (the only one missing was K, and she just moved to Hong Kong, so understandable that she was not there).  It was also great checking out “the best ice cream in Maine” – definitely the best named…

A great trip – glad we got to see everyone, as we won’t be traveling any time soon up that way.  It is a long flight, and not too comfortable as a preggers lady.  I do miss the weather, but I have to remember we went up during the best weather of the year – and that their winters are long, LONG, LONG and cold, cold COLD!!!!

Meet Me in St. Louis

This past weekend was Coco & Eagle’s wedding weekend – and we had a blast!

We got in Thursday morning to catch the Cards / ‘stros game in Busch Stadium – and Houston was able to eek out a W!  I do love all the red – and I had to borrow the visor, as it was sunny and hot in our very excellent seats between third and home plate.


Friday was the Luncheon and Rehearsal dinner – at a microbrew in St. Louis, the headquarters of Anheuser Busch (but I guess it is now foreign owned)!



Saturday morning, bright and early, was hair and make-up.  Part of our bridesmaids (matrons?) gifts were these adorable flip flops – that got a ton of use at the reception!


And of course the bride looked gorgeous!

IMG_3192Then the wedding… and the newlyweds!


I got to sneak a nap in between the post-wedding lunch for the bridal party and reception.  It was a good thing I did!  The reception was at the Natural History Museum, and it was just so beautiful!


The bridesmaid dresses were adorable, from J. Crew, and bright yellow.  Here I am, looking like a banana!


The weather was unbelievable!  No humidity and not too hot – it was actually chilly during the cocktail hour outside before the reception.

The happy couple…


Loved the extra-large sparklers!  and the send off…


Whew!  It was go go go all weekend long – no time to check out the arch.  We had an awesome time!  But I am tired now…  Glad that everything went off without a hitch! Love you Coco and Eagle!!!

Looking Back: 4th of July – fun times in Chatham

I just realized this post never got published – loved getting to relive the vacation!


Oh lovely Cape! Highs in the 60s and 70s – loved it! Sweatshirts required at night – how great is that?!


All the siblings were there, obsessed with a 1,000 piece puzzle…


Yummy… ate more than those days than I have in a long time…


and my favorite – clam chowda!


One 40th birthday girl – they are moving to Hong Kong! So so glad we got to spend lots of time with them…


and lots of rugrats… the noise they produced seemed to multiply exponentially…

Just happy to be where ever my honey is… Boom really is the best!

IMG_2854A lovely vacation – it was hard to come back to reality. Really hard to go from doing nothing to not having a moment’s rest. Such is the real world, at least there are always escapes to look forward to!


Sign 4

We’re out of h-e-double-hockey-sticks heat of H-town for a little over a week – so not much time to post when I can be reading, napping, walking on the beach, etc.

I am really loving this cool weather!  I feel bad for the folks here not from an extremely warm place – as it has been downright cool (and rainy) most days and nights.  But I can get plenty of sun when we go back to H-town, right now I am just enjoying sleeping with the windows opens, and being chilly!

Lots of family time, but ’tis a good thing, since Boom doesn’t get to see them all much.  And lots of good food – I think tonight we are having baked stuffed lobsters and home made clam chowder!  Good thing I am not on a diet or anything.

Today the final sister will arrive with the twins, so then there will be 6 kids, under the age of 10.  I love that I’ve known Boom, and his family, for so many years.  It is just great.  I really feel bad for people who don’t like their in-laws, everyone on Boom’s side is quite nice and I am quite fortunate to have married into such a nice family.  Perhaps I should try to learn how to make clam chowder today… that might be a task too daunting…

Hanging in the ‘Lou

Aside from hanging out with Albert Pujols and Nelly, we were able to squeeze in some quality time with Coco…

Saturday morning was Coco’s girly shower – so fun to meet a bunch of her STL friends.


Coco and 2 of her bridesmaids – me and SPB (a former Houstonian and Coco’s SIL).  We were working hard on making the “bouquet”.


And look at this adorable center piece – it is made up of 3 cake plates and seven dinner napkins – with adorable groom and bride rubber duckies on top!


Coco with her hostesses and her mumsie – Beck (in the blue) is one of her matrons of honor!

And later that day – the big “meat” party – the BBQ.  Here is the couple of honor:


This weekend was only the 2nd time I had met Eagle – and he seems really great.  Laid back and fun and genuine… and I can tell he really loves Coco, which makes me so happy!  Thus, I love Eagle!  He is clearly the smarted guy in DC – scooping up Coco as soon as he could!!!!

We learned a bunch about the STL…


Huge. Pork. Steak.  Actually, porksteak.  Evidently it is a special cut of pork only found in STL.  Boom got his fill of meat at the meat party, that is for sure.  He ate pork, sausage, and chicken!  He sure did have a pork belly after that…

IMG_2715The local brew – the rehearsal dinner is going to be at the brewhouse!  Now that should be a really fun time!


And the local sweet treat – frozen custard.  Much like frozen yogurt, but creamier and smoother.

IMG_2717Oh Coco!  What can I say?!  She is just the greatest, and we loved being able to spend time in STL with her and Eagle.  Can’t wait for more fun at the wedding!

Meet me in St. Louis!


We’re headed to St. Louis for one of my BFFs from UVa’s shower and engagement party of sorts.  I am so excited, as I have never been there!  I do hope we have time to swing by the arch!

So, I am assuming we’ll be hanging out with Nelly, and maybe Mark McGwire and possibly Albert Pujols (pronounced poo-holes, always makes me giggle!).

But really, I am just thrilled to see Coco and Eagle – and meet some of Coco’s St. L friends, as well as see her family before the wedding festivities!  Should be a great time!


So as you can see, the whole layout of my bloggy blog has changed!  And I love being able to put a photo at the header.  Of course I picked one from the Atacama Crossing – the coolest thing I have done, back in my heyday (a 7 day, 250 mile, staged race across the Atacama desert in Chile).  Too bad that was many moons ago.  Maybe someday I can do another Racing the Planet adventure…

Anyway, here are some snaps from that most excellent adventure!

2355874-dsc_8889Here we are, stepping off.  It was freezing cold (don’t ask me why I am wearing shorts), and we were at about 14,000 feet!  My pack was 24+ lbs – WAY too heavy!  My arms felt like they were getting ripped off.  I started chunking food at the next rest stop.  I was still delusional and thought I might be running most of the way… HA!

2355870-img_3927I didn’t shower for 7 days!  Carried all my food and clothes on my back, like a turtle.  They supplied water daily and had tents for us to retire to – nothing luxurious, that is for sure.  Just 8 of us crammed in a tent – most were men, and they sure were smelly!

2355873-ac06comps4ms109Don’t I look like a bad@ss?  There just isn’t a photo of the 70-year-old man or the blind man passing me, which they did.  Behind me is Team Save the Rhinos – they traded off wearing that huge rhino suit!  2355879-dsc00514The one day I made it to camp during daylight hours!  Quite a feat!  They have since changed it (thank goodness) but when I did the Atacama Crossing, it was during Chilean winter, so short days and NO moonlight the week we were racing.  Now I think it during spring or fall, so more hours of daylight.

So here is how the milage was spread out:

Day 1 – 25 miles

Day 2 – 25 miles

Day 3 – 25 miles

Day 4 – 25 miles

Day 5 – 43 miles

Day 6 – rest

Day 7 – 7 miles into the finish at San Pedro de Atacama

2355878-dsc00122Just running 7 miles into the finish was so easy-peasy!  Since I was not one of the leaders, I was allowed to start in an earlier wave, and it looked like I was the first woman to cross the finish line!  Well, I was the first woman to cross, but very far from being the ladies winner overall.  Each stage was timed. I was the 2nd place USA woman and 11th woman overall, but there weren’t many ladies doing this race.

2355875-dsc_1333Finish line – yay!  And I didn’t think Boom was going to be at the finish line, and he was!!!  Most excellent.

Sigh – what a great trip down memory lane.  Thanks for indulging me.