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All the things I’ve been up to

So the big news last week was that it snowed!  And for a few hours – of course nothing really stuck…  So here is the proof:

Can you see the flakes in the light?  LB and I grabbed a quick drink before the Opera (whole company) holiday party – which was a great idea!  I won 2 tickets to the Alley Theater, which I am very excited about!  There was karaoke and the highlight of the night had to be Britney Spears, as done by our Technical Director:

img_2110HILARIOUS!  He and his crew were having a ball with the karaoke!  I bet it is fun to work with them!!

Thursday night is my JLH volunteer night at HAWC.  We play with the kiddies while the moms are in counseling.  A great cause, but I was exhausted and just not feeling it AT ALL.  and there were a ton of kids that were all super hyped up!

Friday night we went to the University of St. Thomas (I had never been there before, and it is actually very beautiful – not exactly what I expected, but very nice) to see the HGO Studio Artists perform.  They performed songs and portions of many different operas.  I realized that I much prefer opera in a foreign language, rather than in English.  S and R came with Boom and I – I hope they liked the performance!  It was a bit long, Boom was getting all antsy, I could tell.  And then we all headed to t’afia (yum!) for dindin!  I had wanted to go back ever since I went there for the first time on Tuesday!

Saturday Boom and I drove up to Dallas with Ruru for the White Rock Marathon on Sunday.  We were about 1.5 hours outside of Dallas when I realized I had forgotten my sneaks!  UGH.  So I called Yarbs to see if she could pick them up before she flew up – well, lo and behold, she and Joe decided to bail on coming to Dallas!  Boom was all, Of the 2 people I expected to bail, Yarbs and Joe were not them! So we went to the expo and I bought a new pair of running shoes…

Anyway, got to see Al and Park…


and JJ and Sydney Bristow!!  This was my first time meeting her – she is soooo cute!


We then finally headed home to see Marm and Dad.  They are just the bestest ever!  Marm cooked some good grub for us and I just liked hanging out with them.

Sunday morning, when the alarm went off at 5am, Boom and I debated for nearly an hour whether or not we should run – I was all, Sure – I’ll do the half.  And he was all, Well, if I am running, I am going to do the full.  And he hasn’t really been training, so we decided (finally!) to bag the race all together.  And he’s been super busy, poor guy.  Thurs he flew up to Dallas, Friday he flew back to H-town, Sat he drove up to Dallas, and Sunday the drove back to H-town!!!

Just too bad I bought new running shoes – but I will definitely be able to use them, once I start running again!  It’s been a lazy (in terms of exercising) few days.

When we got back on Sunday, I started baking some goodies for work peeps.  Then it was off to Bunko for me – we had a gift exchange (good white elephant gifts) and check out what I got:

img_2139img_2138Ceramic birdie nesting measuring cups!!! They are SOOO cute!  The perfect white elephant gift!!  And the gals that hosted, one of them had a TEXAS themed Christmas tree!  I am totally copying her and doing that next year!  It was extremely cute and I loved it a lot a lot!!!  Evidently, each year, Dillards comes out with a different Texas themed ornament that she buys in bulk the day after Christmas.  Well, since we are hear this year, I know where I’ll be on Dec. 26!!!  There is a huge, free standing one near the Galleria that I will go to.

So tonight, Monday, was the UVa Alumni Club holiday party.  At a fabu house in River Oaks – it was huge!  and lovey – with great furniture and kitchen appliances!  It was a good time – but I am feeling a bit under the weather.  The temperature change today alone was about 20 degrees in just a matter of hours!  So it was 80 on Tues, then snowing on Wed, then warm again over the weekend, and today it started out around 60 degrees +, but fell to 40 by mid day!  No wonder I am getting sick – my body is so confused!

Tomorrow night is my departments Holiday party – fun times.  At least it is close to home.  I hope I don’t feel worse…

Ike was here…

Ike blew threw here last week, and lots of folks are still feeling the effects of it.  Yarbs and Josephine still don’t have power!  Which totally stinks for them.  They are bunking up here with us – we have lots of room and power!

What happened at our house:

During the storm…

Leaning tree…

Really leaning tree…

Boom working in the back yard…

Our rubbish and debris…

Down our street…

Debris in our neighborhood…

Uh oh – tree down…

Really big tree down….

I am just really thankful that we had no structural damage to our house and that we all stayed safe!  At least now I have my first Houston hurricane under my belt… I just hope there is not a repeat performance any time soon!

Calm before the storm

This morning on Ruby’s morning walk, the day was beautiful!  Sun shining, wind blowing, not too much humidity.  So clearly something is brewing – not quite right.  And it was eerie – the neighborhood was so quite, and then seeing the West U city building and police department with all their windows plywooded up was really kind of scary!

It looks like it is just a matter of time before it gets to H-town… Galveston, which is less than an hour away, is totally getting pounded.  It still seems so weird to me that it can be so beautiful here right now, but in just a matter of minutes, it could change!  Right now ~10am (just an hour to hour and half or so after I was walking Ruby), the wind is picking up and the sun seems to be behind some clouds.

Yesterday, I was telling folks I had never been through a hurricane.  And I realized that I was lying!  5 years ago, just a couple months after we had moved to Richmond, we lived through Gaston.  It was just like a big storm – and then we didn’t have electricity for over a week.

I am just glad that Boom is home with RuRu and I today.  ‘Tis comforting just to be together. (and Harris county is closed today, so we aren’t really allowed to be out and about).  I really hope their predictions of “certain death” (words not used since Katrina) are blown out of proportion.  The news is on and it is making me nervous!

Ike-y Ike

On the way to and from work, I listen to NPR. I am a little addicted! Anyway, I wasn’t really thinking about Ike / hurricanes / rain / wind too much this morning, as it was lovely outside (as it is right now – well, a little humid, but that is par for the course). Then I hear that there are zip codes in in Harris county (that is where I live!) that are being evacuated! And that the mayor is asking for non-vital business to close tomorrow! Wha?! Crazyness.

When I got into work, my boss, who used to work for the Red Cross, was talking about how she went to Target before coming into work and all the bread and batteries were sold out! and how she got a rechargable lantern, etc. I started to get a little freaked out and worried. Boom calls me at my desk (pretending to be a donor, and I was fooled for about a millisecond) and tells me that we need to get some non-perishable food, as it looks like we really are going to be hit by Ike!

By the time I got back from my HR orientation, an email has gone out saying that we are free to leave at noon. And that work is cancelled tomorrow. I go into talk to my co-worker and boss – which just scares me and makes me anxious to leave to get food. By the time I am in my car headed to the grocery store, I am all jacked up and nervous! Probably not the best way to drive. But I made it to the grocery store and bought $150 worth of mainly non-perishable food, so I think we are set in that regards.

and that is not all of it! (and as you can see, sunlight is streaming through the windows in this photo)

I also boiled most all of our eggs so that we can have some protein in case the gas service gets disrupted. Right now, I am filtering water and putting it into containers so that we can have even more water than the case (6 gallons) that I bought. This is just for drinking. I think I am going to wash some empty bins out and put one in each bathtub upstairs to fill with water. This water we can use to flush the toilets and give to Ruby, and if need be, drink ourselves. I also need to get all the stuff we have on our back patio into the garage, or at least close to the garage. We can fill the garage up once Boom is home.

I realized that my car has less than a half tank of gas in it, so Boom is going to fill up the black car in case we need to flee. I guess we’d go to my parents house. Boom’s co-worker also gave him the key to his apartment at the Four Seasons, so we can always hunker down there. Though I can’t imagine being in H-town and not at our house, but if everything is shut off in our neighborhood, the Four Seasons wouldn’t be too bad (and I could see if the valets remembered me!).

Currently, the sky is darkening and the wind is visibly picking up (less than 10 minutes from when I took the photo above). That is the crazy thing about Texas weather, it can just sweep in with no warning. Everyone at work is worried about the winds – and so I hope that our windows can handle high MPH gusts of wind. Hopefully by the time Ike gets to us it will just be some rain and some wind, but nothing too devastating. I’ll keep you posted!