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Happy 40th!

Happy birthday to the best friend and sister I could ever ask for!  Don’t worry, you don’t look a day over 39 🙂  Hahaha – but really, people always ask who is older, you or me.  So you should be flattered (and I should be highly offended!).  Remember, 40 is the new 20!

The boys have a little something to say to you as well…

Dear Auntie EE – I love when you come over to play!  You are so much fun – although you do demand a lot of kisses.  You make me laugh and I love when you chase after me.  Love, JJ

Gurgle gurgle… I love how happy you always are to see me!  Burp burp… poop. Love, Baby Sailor (aka Little Buddha)

They are really lucky to have you as an auntie! XOXO

Crafts… and bye-bye

So, I have been getting some stuff done.  I have completed 3 of Brady Gaga’s 4 new blankets!



Yay!  I think they turned out pretty good.  Making the edge tape (not bias tape, as it is not cut on the bias, but doesn’t need to be since there are no curves) is probably the most time consuming part of all.  Once it gets made, all I have to do is pin the edging tape onto the edge of the blanket fabric, and then sew.

Luckily the blankets  are all folded up so no one can see how not quite square they are.  I need to get some quilters tools to help me square up the main piece of fabric.  I have seen some large, clear and wide rulers that have a grid on them – I think that is what I need.  Anyway, BG won’t mind – s/he’ll stay nice and warm swaddled in the blankets!

I am also up to my ears in freezer paper stencils – darn my mommy friends for being so kind!  These are little Valentine’s day treats for their little ones – I won’t post a picture until I they have been given out.

And I have decided that I need to make BG a quilt like the one Baby J has – that belonged to Boom.  Boom’s mom made the “John” quilt over 30 years ago – so it is really a vintage heirloom!  and I used it as the backdrop for Baby J’s monthly photos, so BG also needs a backdrop for his/her monthy photos.

I think I am going to make a bunting quilt similar to this one, but I will leave a spot at the top for BG’s name.  So I can get all the buntings on the front fabric, make the edging tape and have the backing ready, but can’t put together until BG arrives and I have time (within the first month!) to applique his / her name on the quilt and sew it together.

Here are some of the fabrics I’ll be using for the bunting:

The solid yellow will be for the back – I think I want to have the back striped, so the yellow will be with another yet to be decided upon fabric.  All the buntings will be polka dotted – tiny dots to big ones!  and I just got a navy blue dot fabric today, so may add that into the mix.  I think it is a good mix – very gender neutral, so it won’t matter if it is Brady or Gaga, and depending on that – the name can be in a gender specific color.

And this morning Auntie Yarbs came over to say farewell – she is heading out on her 7 week Indian Mysore yoga adventure this afternoon!  It will be an amazing experience!  When she comes back, Baby J will be a big brother (and much bigger) and Brady Gaga will be here as the forth member of our family!  So crazy to think that so many changes will take place in just a few weeks!

Bye, Yarbs – have a great time, be safe and enjoy yourself!  Soak it all in!  Can’t wait to keep up via your bloggy blog!



I love that Baby J already has friends – I hope we all remain friends for a long time – how amazing would that be to say you’ve been friends with someone since birth!  We met C and C when Baby J was only 8 weeks old – and it has been great getting together with them and also learning about what is to come, as C is 5 months older than Baby J.

Monday, Baby J and I were at the park with C and C, and Yarbs met us with her fancy-schmancy camera.  It really does take amazing photos (or perhaps that is the photographer?).

Boys are naturally so rough!  This was taken right after JJ grabbed little C’s cheek.  But after a quick hug from his mom, he was just fine, honest! (Also really interesting to see what a difference 5 months makes right now – Baby J is still an infant, while Little C is looking more like a little boy.  In a year from now, 5 months won’t be any big deal at all!)


… no more tears – all smiles!  What a cutie!

I did not manipulate the photo above at all – and look how amazing it is!  Love how little C is in focus and everything else is blurry.  and with the shade, the lighting is awesome, so the colors totally pop!

It can also take really great action photos:

Weeeeeee!  JJ loves to swing, and Yarbs was able to put her camera on the athletic setting and take a whole bunch of action shots.  Love his adorable mug, and how happy and excited he looks!

I don’t think I am ready to invest in a fancy camera – but maybe I’ll see if I can borrow Yarbs’ every now and again, as I am just really blown away by the amazing photos!  I guess it does help that she had some really cute subjects!


Yarbs’ surprise bday party last Saturday went off without a hitch!  It was so great – she was super surprised and a good time was had by all…

She wasn’t even suspicious when I told her to come in through the back door (so random!)…

Isn’t she just too cute?!  Since she thought she was going to a fancy shmancy party, she was all dolled up!

Our whole fam – too bad Bubby was asleep when we took this photo.

More photos and details at Yarbs’ blog, go check it out!

The perfect gift

For just a little guy, CM sure did get a lot of good stuff this Christmas…

and of course his awesomely cute firetruck…

However, I think I (well, really we, since Boom and I both benefit from it) got the best gift ever, from my bf Yarbs..

12 nights of babysitting!!!  So 1 a month (and each card has a place for the date used, so I can’t reuse, hehehe) – a really great gift (and very intuitive for someone who doesn’t have kid) – good job, Yarbs!  I already have my January date lined up.  Having a kiddo really makes you re-evaluate your priorities.  Since it isn’t easy to go out anymore, we now need to be more picky on what we really want to do.  Boom has been telling me to do this all along, but I never listen.  Now I am forced to prioritize, and it is a good thing.

Really great weekend..

Boom wants to start getting some of our many home projects done in the next few month. This weekend, Boom worked on painting the insides and shelves of the glass front cabinets.  He is nearly done, after working 8+ hours on both Saturday and Sunday.

On Sunday, Yarbs and I spent most of the day together – had lunch then did a bunch of shopping.  I ended up getting quite a few items, but the sales were so great that I got them all for excellent prices.


Here are Yarbs and I – I am wearing the awesome new sunglasses Yarbs gave to me for my birthday, and she is sporting her new Hollywood Intuition sunglasses – very cute and quite a value! I love getting to spend time with my best gal – she is just the best!  I wish we could see each other more, but we are both very busy.

After Yarbs left in the late afternoon, I decided I should start getting some baby crafts out of the way – OMG – the two blankets I made came out SOOOO cute!  I love them!  and they weren’t too difficult.


I combo’ed two tutorials so that I could use what I had on hand – one from Purl Bee and one from Martha Stewart – and made the two blankets above.  One side is off white / light yellow flannel and the other side is light weight polka dots and a slightly heavier weight
green toile.  I found the slightly heavier weight fabric worked a little bit better.  The rick rack really makes the blanket – it is a little hard to work with to make sure it shows up on the edge, but I figured it out and really like it!

I need some more flannel to make more blankets!  I also know 2 ladies that are expecting (3 babies total!) so I am sure I’ll be making them a blanket or two – I hear you need lots of them once the baby arrives.  I think making some washcloths would be good as well.  and maybe blankets with cotton fleece – so many possibilities!

I haven’t touched my sewing machine in probably 4-6 months.  It felt really good to start crafting again!  I hope I can keep up the momentum!

Good Saturday


One of my favorite people ever is my sister Yarbs. So it is so great (SO GREAT!!!!) that we are in the same city – makes H-town all that much better. On Saturday, we spent most of the day together, she came over early to help with get started with the much belated scrapbook I told Boom’s mom I’d make her of the 40th anniversary party we kids threw for them last year. (It is done! Woot woot!)


Then we headed to Farrago in midtown for brunch (after trying Indika and Gravatas – lunch is not popular for restaurants, evidently). Then onto the Wortham for Swan Lake! It was great, but also really long. And very traditional – I think I like ballets that are a little bit more modern. Not totally modern, but just slightly.

Yarbs got me an awesome pair of Derek Lam oversized sunglasses – she had been complaining about my old, out of style shades for a while.


Aren’t they cute?! The best part is that they are pink on the inside! I really love them, and have totally been needing a new pair!

We’ll be celebrating again, once I can get her gift ordered and here! I know what I am getting her, just need to execute.