Dearest Little DD* –

Wow – I can’t believe that you are 5 months old!  The big news this month is that you have cut your first tooth!  I can’t believe that either – your toothless grin will be no longer!  And you did so in your own, laid back fashion – no fussing, no fever, no rashes, no weird poops – unlike your bro who had all the textbook / old wives tale symptoms.  We had been noticing that you were drooling a lot and chewing on your hands – so I thought I should take a look in your little mouth… how surprised was I when I felt your little tooth in the middle of your gums!

You really are a remarkably good baby.  Sometimes I marvel at how good you are!  I guess I am really marveling at how lucky Dada and I are – the only time you cry is when you are hungry or tired.  and you are much more quick to smile at this age than your brother was.

We’ve been working on sitting up this month and you are doing a great job!  I am really going to enjoy the brief window when you can sit up on your own but not crawl yet.  I think your brother will really think it is so neat when you are able to sit up alone!

Your schedule is pretty good these days – you usually get up between 715 – 8am, eat (bottle and solids!) and then are up for around 1.5 hours.  Then it is your first nap – with the addition of solids, you have been taking  a great morning nap – usually around 2 hours.  and we just started giving you solids at your 4th meal before bedtime and that has been helpful in eliminating night wakings and keeping you from getting up super early in the morning.

We took you to the pool for the first time the other week.  You did not seem to mind the water at all – just chillaxed in your shaded float-y thing – never fussed or anything!  But wow, it was a lot of work for such a little guy!  J certainly thought it was really cool to have you there with him.

Here are 2 of your biggest fans (aside from JJ, Dada and me, of course) – you’ve gotten to see a lot of PoPo and Auntie Yarbs this month.  Which is very good – it has been so long since you had seen PoPo that you were a little unsure when she first held you.  But after a feeding or two, you guys were fast friends.  She and Auntie Yarbs love you so so much!

Just like your brother, you love to get Dada’s nose!  He thinks that we are twinks… looks wise and also you are much more vocal than J was at this age.  So maybe you will be a talker like me.  I love to hear your little voice!  You sound so much like your brother, it is almost uncanny.  Lately, after your 2 later meals, you’ve been talking up a storm!  We love all your stories!

Your brother really loves you a lot!  He is even willing to share Dog and his new red train with you – two of his most prized possessions!  And he knows which toys are yours and always brings something over to you so you can have a toy to play with.

Little D, I love you so much.  You are the perfect addition to our little family – every time I see you I have to smile.  You are just perfect!  and although having 2 babies is logistically a challenge, you make things as easy on Mama as possible.  Thank you for being such a good baby!



* DD is what the Mandarin word for “little brother” sounds like – we all call you DD!


Double Trouble

JJ is all, What trouble can I scheme up for us to get into?  and Little Sailor is all, I’m concerned, but I’ll go along…

My babies are too adorable!  I love them both so much – and how much fun will it be for both of them once Sailor starts walking?!

Sailor often times looks like he has a secret!  He’s sporting separates here for the first time!

And J now loves to “read” books all by himself!  Comes in handy when I need to put his brother down for a nap… he’s getting older, and thus more able to entertain himself.

Boom and I are so very lucky.  Our boys are healthy and very, very good, laid back dudes!

Messy Morning

Today is the first day in a LONG time that I have been alone with both boys – usually I have my mom here or someone here to help me… but I chose to give an alone day a try – why not?!  Lots of people deal with 2 (or more) babies all alone!  I can do this too! (I am hoping if I repeat this enough, it will become true)

Usually, I try to do an outing (pool, music class, Children’s Museum, etc) with J in the morning, and then the afternoon doesn’t seem so hard to handle.  I knew a morning at home would be somewhat challenging.  So I decided to make it our messy morning!  After little Sailor went down for his nap, we started with finger painting:

J may have started out a bit slowly, but he ramped it up and evolved finger into feet painting, which was just fine as we were using washable paint outside:

[on a side note, I hear that when kids turn 2 they start losing some of their baby fat, that they start getting more lean – boo!  I love J’s adorable chunky feet!]

Once he was tired of this, I brought out the “messy” bin.  Here are it’s contents:

2 of the trinkets were from recent birthday party favor bags (water gun and red monster thingy), the spikey ball was one that we already had, the bottle with the beads in it I made last night (glued cap on, of course) and the shark and bigger smooth ball were new (bought on sale at Targ).  After one entire can of shaving cream, this is what JJ got to get really, really messy with:

And he really enjoyed it! (I also put the water on – pointing up with the “shower” flow selected, so he could get wet and wash off his hands and trinkets)

He loved the bouncy ball – and even the little spiky ball (despite the fact that it was recycled and he has seen it a million times).

J loved squishing the shaving cream, but then wanted it off his hands  immediately!

Based on the length of his nap, I think messy morning was a great success!  I think it was great to be outside and doing things that were very tactile. And the water is always fun for J – after I hosed everything (and him off), I filled his water table, which he always likes.

All of this activity took all of an hour.  Which I guess is pretty good.  Quick, but tiring.  And good thing it was quick, as Sailor woke up early from his morning nap, so we had to go tend to him.

I already have some new ideas from friends and off the blogsphere for my next “alone with the boys” morning.  Maybe I really can do this all by myself…  Well, mom gets here Sunday, so at least I won’t have to try again for a while!

Crafts I have been up to…

Way back in May, I finally finished the reverse applique t-shirt for JJ – I even took pictures along the way, in hopes to get a tute up, but oh well…  the shirt came out well and J seems to like it:

There are lots of new babies, arriving or soon to be arriving!  So I have definitely been busy with my standard handmade baby gifts.  I love my light weight seersucker blankets with rounded corners –  so much so that I almost feel bad for all the fall / winter babies.  I’ll try the rounded corners with flannel – maybe I will love that a lot too!  and recently I have been obsessed with light blue and red!

I have been getting so much use out of my Silhouette SD cutting machine that Yarbs gave to me for my bday!  I love it – and I have barely delved into the depths of it’s capabilities! I created my first decoupaged frame – and I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it came out!

and for father’s day, I hosted play group at my house with a fun craft gift that we all made for the hard working dad’s in our lives.  It was chaotic (11 ladies, 10 toddlers and 1 baby) – but fun!  I wish I could do more group setting crafting – it is fun!

I made “sets” of cut outs (#, Dada, random shapes) and had the ladies bring pictures of their little ones.  The pictures were placed in the “a”s of Dada. The “1” was created with finger prints of their little one – connected to make the 1.

Everyone really enjoyed it and it was fun that they got to leave with a gift for Dad!

I even got a little scrapbooking in – as part of a 2nd birthday gift to Mustang, a friend JJ has know since JJ was  weeks old!  I loved looking at all the pictures – the boys have grown so much!

I’ve also done a few other things that I haven’t taken pics of – which I should have (and some that I can’t share just yet), but I figured I should document all these projects, as I am finding lots of other projects to add to my list!  Mainly using my Silhouette – fun times!

Some Backyard Fun!

JJ and Sailor got a lot of great loot up on the Cape for Christmas in July – and they are definitely putting it all to good use!

This blow up snake pool with hose attachment for a mini-fountain is totally awesome!  (and Dada was totally awesome to blow it up with just his lungs – no pump!)  JJ loves swimming and so for days that he naps late / after school or we just feel like hanging out at home (or have to, if Sailor is napping), this is a great thing to have for the backyard!  and it helps keep JJ cool in this ri-donk-uously hot weather.

The other week, little Sailor even got in on the fun… in his new fishy swim suit!  Isn’t it too adorable?!

I am glad the boys like the water!

Four Months!

Dearest Little Bub –

You turned four months a few (um, over 10) days ago! You are a big boy!  At your 4 month well baby appointment, the nurse had to measure your length 3 times!  She was all, that is not possible, he is off the charts!  So you are 27 inches long (95%+), weigh 17 lbs and 15 ounces (95%) and your head is 17.75 inches in diameter (90%).  I am pretty sure you are larger now than JJ was at 6 months – really, you are just perfect!

A lot has happened this month…

You took your first flight up to Boston to see Dada’s side of the family.  You are a good little traveler – you slept a lot and then just hung out.  Both ways, folks deboarding the plane commented on what good travelers you and JJ are!  The best compliment is that folks forgot that a baby was on board!

You got to spend lots of time with cousins, aunts, uncles, Nana and Grampy – and got to meet all of your extended family at your clam bake!  Everyone loved seeing you, but especially all the gals – as you can see you were quite a hit!  People were lined up to hold you!

You also embarked on your first step down the road of Catholicism.  You were great when the priest dribbled water on your head – and the ceremony only took 15 minutes!  So not enough time for you to get fussy at all.

And while we were on the Cape, you learned how to roll from your belly to your back.  Now we just need to work on getting you to roll from your back to your belly!

Dada loves spending time with you – with his busy schedule and a demanding older son, I am sure he wishes he could spend more time with you.  But you guys are very sweet when you do get a few moments together.

We started you on solids – you are still perplexed to what is going on.  I also have to mix the rice cereal with prune juice, as it really seems to plug you up.

JJ still seems to think you are pretty cool.  He always asks about you if you are not around, and if you are, he always wants to share his toys, or give you a hug and a kiss.  You love watching your older bro!  Really, when he is around, you only have eyes for him.  I know you guys are going to be the best of friends and that makes me so happy!

Popo got in  a few days after your 4month milestone, and she couldn’t be happier!  She loves you and JJ so so much!  She is especially impressed with what a content and relaxed baby you are.

You are such a good, happy baby!  Even more laid back and chill than JJ, which is quite remarkable.  Most people probably didn’t even think that is possible!  I really can’t complain at all – you eat well, sleep pretty well (especially considering you are only 4 months!), and just cry if you are tired, hungry or gassy.  and a lot of times you wake up and just hang out in your crib for up to an hour – playing with your feet and the whatnot.  It really is too adorable.

I love you, little Sailor, so so SO SO SO much!  I am really trying to savor your babyhood, as our little family is complete.  And you are getting to be a lot more fun – and it will only get better!






We are finally back home after 2 weeks up on Cape Cod.  I had grand plans to blog from the iPad, but clearly that didn’t happen.

Here is a quick photo summary of what we did:

Spent lots of time with loved ones.  Boom has 2 sisters and a brother and they all have kids, so it was great that we got to see them and hang out!

Read. JJ loves his grandpy!  J is his namesake, so it makes sense.

Celebrated.  Since all 18 of us haven’t been together in ages (3 years!), we’ve started a tradition of doing Christmas in July.  Nana even put up a mini-Christmas tree!  The kids loved getting gifts randomly in July.

Little Sailor got christened up there, so it was a great excuse to have a…

CLAMBAKE!  What is a visit to the Cape without a clambake?!  and all of Boom’s uncles and aunts and their kids were there to celebrate with us.  39 folks in total.  So fun to see the extended family.

Played.  JJ had no shortage of playmates.  His cousins loved playing with him.

Experienced baseball.  This was my first trip to Fenway!  We had great seats, compliments of Boom’s brother, in row J – just 10 rows up from the field!

We went to a Chatham Anglers baseball game  – gotta love the Cape League!  Lots of famous players once played in the Cape League (like Jason Varitek and Jacoby Elsbery, both of the Boston Red Sox).

Smiled.  The whole time we were up there, the boys were really great!  So lots of smiles from them and us!

“Swam”.  JJ loves the ocean!  He couldn’t get enough of the beach and water – and he has no fear.  He would walk into the ocean over his head, and when we’d pick him up out of it, he’d be smiling and laughing!

Entertained.  Probably the toughest parts about going up to the Cape is the long flight – I did a good job, I think, stocking up on things to keep JJ amused on both flights.  He had stickers, crayons, markers, coloring books, new snacks, fun new toys, and something I would highly recommend for anyone traveling with a toddler – a plastic Slinky!  It probably cost me about $1, but J loved playing with it.  We didn’t even had to bust out the iPad on either flights.  I was quite pleased.  Little Sailor, being less mobile and more sleepy, slept for a good portion of both flights.

Many thanks to Nana and Grandpy for hosting us and loving on the boys so much!  We had a wonderful time.