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Half Wrap-Up

Boomboom did really well on his half! He came in around 1:49, which is great! Kandy was the 5th woman finisher and beat her time from last year by 2 mins! Another friend, DD, PR’d and beat her best half-marathon time by a large chunk of time (maybe 11 mins?). I saw a bunch of folks from Seals, a physical training group I used to belong to, so it was quite nice to get to catch up with them.

The weather was beautiful – I think fall is finally here!

k.JPG #5 woman overall!!!!

bb-run1.JPG Run, Boomboom, run!


Good job, Boomboom! Way to finish stong!



Boomboom is running a half marathon RIGHT NOW!

This morning, I was really tired and didn’t feel like getting up at 615am. And I felt CRANKY and CRABBERS (ie crabby). But then I remembered all the races he got up at the crack for me to run in and cheer me on – all the races he had driven across state lines the night before (after a long day of work) so that I didn’t have to go by myself (ok, just that one, but still) and I really tried to not be crabbers.

Since the start of the race was so close to our house, I was able to go with Boomboom, see him step off (and see other friends along the way) and now I am at home, just finished walking Ruby. I will head to the finish line in a few mins.

I hope the course is not too hilly (the last half he ran a year or so ago, I kinda strong armed him into running it and it was VERY hilly and VERY hard! this one will not be nearly as hard, but may be a little hilly) or too bunched up at the beginning, or on the trails. My fast ultra-marathon friend Kandy says this course is short – so that is good! Last year, she automatically got a slot in the NY marathon based on this half marathon time. I didn’t even know you could get a guaranteed slot to NY!