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Felicity & Ben

One of my lawyer friends asked me (in a sort of round about way) to design a purse for a handbag silent and live auction that LINC (the Legal Information Network for Cancer) holds every year. Of course I was thrilled to do so – but now I am super nervous!

A couple of weekends ago, Boomboom was out of town rafting the Upper and Lower Gauly (fun!) with a bunch of guys. So I took advantage of having a whole weekend of undisturbed creative time and literally became a hermit and worked on my purse. It was a lot of quality time with my sewing machine. But in the end, I had a completed purse – a large, different-from-all-the-other -submissions-but-I-stand-by-it purse.

I couldn’t think of a name for my purse, so I enlisted Boomboom’s help. He kept coming up with “names” that were objects (for example, ‘Grey Pearl’ or ‘Candy Apple’) or names that I thought would not help in the bidding on my purse (like ‘Sasapurse’ and ‘Devil’s Bag’). We finally came to a consensus with ‘Felicity‘.

So Boomboom thinks it looks like a bowling ball carrier. I told one of my good friends, Gretty, that, and she replied “Who doesn’t love bowling balls?!” so that made me feel better. Luckily, the random people that have seen it thus far (my lawyer friend, the Board of LINC) have given me some positive feedback, so that is really nice. Anyway, Boomboom will be at the auction and he has promised to bid on (or up) my bag under the pseudonym Ben Covington. That was his idea – hehehe – and I LOVE it! (think WB show)

I also wanted to show the invites for the auction – such a good example of how 1 color printing (black ink) can be quite cute and stylish!

bag-invite-front.jpg bag-invite-inside.jpg bag-invite-back.jpg

And you can check out my bag – and all the other bags – here. You can be the judge – bowling bag carrier or cool, slouchy bubble purse – ’tis a fine line between the two…