Mini “Gingerbread” houses

With all the sickness and warm weather, it hasn’t seemed much like Christmas around here.

So here is my latest attempt to get into the holiday mood: cookie cottages. And I think my first attempt came out pretty cute!


I basically followed Martha’s directions, including making her royal icing, and I think that was helpful with construction. And it wasn’t too hard to make.

There are other blank ones in the background, going to try to have JJ and one of his good buddies decorate them tomorrow.

After doing one, it is kind of difficult! Certain requires more coordination and patience than a 2 year old might have. So I suspect there maybe more candy consumption rather than cottage decoration, but that’s ok. I think it will be fun and cute! And I have back-up gingerbread men to decorate.


One response to “Mini “Gingerbread” houses

  1. Those look fun! Do they make GF gingerbread?

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